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Podcasting for Business & Government II

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In this higher-level podcasting course, we will look deeper into the hottest form of media delivery. We'll explore the nuances of audio editing "sweetening" with production-quality software and set up a Web site host specifically for podcasting and explore ideas for letting people know you have a podcast. This class is for Mac or PC users.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Edit audio with multiple tracks using Mac or PC
  • Work with portable setups (M-Audio, MobilePre)
  • Register a podcast with a host via LibSyn
  • Write show notes


1160 Podcasting for Business & Government I

Course Outline

  • 1170 Podcasting for Business & Government II

    • Audio editing with multiple tracks
    • Audio editing (basics) with Soundtrack Pro (Mac)
    • Audio editing (basics) with Adobe Audition (PC)
    • XLR microphones and cables
    • Gain, reverb, and other audio filters
    • Portable setups (M-Audio, MobilePre)
    • Registering your podcast with a host via LibSyn
    • Writing show notes
    • Introduction to enhanced and video Podcasting