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 Become a Great Negotiator

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The course introduces interpersonal communication and negotiation skills. Students learn how to get what they want when communicating with others. Negotiations are not restricted to 'major' transactions. Every request for a holiday, every task assignment, every decision involving the agreement of others is a negotiation. Any time you want to influence the way people act or what choices they make, it is a negotiation. Most of the time you are not even aware of it. Managers must learn to make every transaction an active, conscious negotiation. "Practice makes perfect". Negotiation is a skill you learn. Managers must also become proficient negotiators. In every situation they need to be able to quickly gauge their own bargaining position versus the position held by others and to strategize for a successful outcome. The key to successful negotiations is planning. What you plan are the communications related to the negotiations - their nature and intent.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will become a more careful communicator and more effective negotiator.


There are no prerequisites. However, experience in a professional environment will help to make the discussions and examples more relevant. Previous exposure to formal negotiations will help to reinforce principles covered.

Course Outline

  • Role of Negotiations

    • Who, when and where
    • What goes wrong?
    • Common problems and remedies
    • Ingredients for success
  • Interpersonal Communications

    • Interpersonal skills
    • The seven intelligences
    • Communications failure
    • Interpersonal gaps
    • Quality control criteria
    • Active listening
    • Perception checking
    • Non verbal communications
    • Technical communications
  • Introduction to Negotiations

    • Formal versus informal
    • Types of negotiations
    • Types of negotiators
    • Attitudes to negotiations
    • Ethics versus culture
  • Negotiation Planning and Preparation

    • What does it mean to be prepared?
    • When are you ready?
    • Strategies and tactics
    • Negotiation planner
  • Negotiation Process Management

    • Getting to yes
    • Haggling
    • Time management
    • Table tactics
    • Use of physical setting
    • Team tactics
    • Hot buttons
    • Impasse and deadlock