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Taking Charge of Organizational Change

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This instructor-led Project Management training course is for managers who are tasked with introducing new technologies and techniques into organizational practices. These are organizations that are undergoing ‘organizational change’. When a project affects people, processes or the culture of an organization changes must be introduced with care and concern for those involved otherwise there is the potential for disruptive resistance. If this resistance is not managed and redirected it will very likely undermine project success and may even result in failure. Long term, sustainable change requires careful planning and effective management of the transition process. Change must be part of an evolutionary process, not a revolutionary one. This course provides a solid grounding in the techniques and application of proven techniques for planning and directing organizational change within a complex organization. A step by step approach is introduced, along with guidelines and templates that can be used in the workplace. Students complete real life exercises to develop a working understanding of the process and priorities of careful and considerate organizational change.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Assess whether organizational changes will take place as the result of a project
  • Prioritize the severity and nature of proposed changes
  • Evaluate the potential for project success in the face of resistance from staff and management
  • Develop an action plan for introducing changes including a communications strategy
  • Define metrics for use in the measurement of success
  • Use and apply a change management template


Students should have experience with effects of mismanaged changes within an organization. Having experienced the disruptive effect of poorly managed changes is the best incentive for wanting to know how to do it right.

Course Outline

  • Recognizing and Predicting Organizational Change

    • Drivers of change
    • Role of projects in the creation of changes
    • Innovation as the motivation
    • When is change bad?
    • Defining change – people, processes and/or culture
    • Steps and stages of change management
  • Reactions to Change

    • Reactions to change
    • Factors affecting individual reactions
    • Implications of resistance
    • Temperament theory and the difference between people
    • Convincing others – the eight intelligences
  • Change Management Planning

    • How to plan for organizational change
    • Documentation template
    • Assessing the need for change
    • Explaining the change process to stakeholders
    • Reviewing organizational readiness for change
    • Communications planning
    • Developing a change management action plan
  • Implementation

    • The role of leadership
    • Engaging stakeholder support
    • Managing the rumor mill
    • Leadership styles
    • Leadership responsibilities
    • Coaching and support
    • Obstacles and barriers to sustainable change
    • Keys to overcoming obstacles
    • Ingredients for successful implementation