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Project Triage: Rescuing Troubled Projects

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This course provides a solid grounding in the fundamentals of project management and discusses how these fundamentals can be used to get a project back on track within its original objectives. The student will learn about the recovery development process, key recovery indicators, how to prepare a recovery decision package, how to plan and how to conduct project recovery. The student will learn how to choose the right project manager for the recovery and how to establish project recovery team members who will facilitate the project recovery effort.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Have an overview understanding of the project recovery function model
  • Know the role of the recovery project manager and recovery team
  • Be able to assess and identify problem areas in the project
  • Develop a project recovery plan and know how to implement it
  • Develop a recovery lessons learned and update routine and project recovery remedies


Students should have an understanding of the project environment and should have some project management experience.

Course Outline

  • Rescuing Troubled Projects

    • Developing a Project Recovery Function Model
    • Identifying Recovery Indicators
    • Assess Project and Identify Problem Areas
    • Defining a Troubled Project
  • Project Tolerances

    • Understanding Project Tolerances
    • Declaring Success from a Project Perspective
    • Declaring Success from a Organizational Perspective
  • Define and Plan the Recovery Project

    • Prepare Recovery Decision Package
    • Assess Project Team and Stakeholders
    • Determine Who Will Lead Recovery
    • Establish Recovery Team
  • Assess the Troubled Project

    • Verify Trouble Areas
    • Perform Project Assessment
    • Manage Project Issues
  • Develop a Recovery Plan

    • Develop Project Recovery Plan
  • Activate the Recovery Plan

    • Manage Communications Issues
  • Measure and Monitor the Recovery Plan

    • Compile record data
    • Track Project Cost, Schedule, Scope Progress
  • Close Out Project Recovery

    • Lessons Learned
    • Archive Project Records