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The PMO: Developing and Leading the Project Delivery Organization

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Project Management Offices (PMOs) exist in many shapes and sizes and exert differing levels of authority. As a result, it is imperative that an organization structures and designs the PMO to benefit the delivery of projects—not by adding unnecessary bureaucratic processes. The design of this course is structured to allow students to not only understand the fundamental concepts, benefits, and processes of the PMO, but also enable them to become familiar with relevant tools and techniques for optimizing a PMO that aligns with the needs of their organization.

Course Overview

Topic areas included in this training are:

  • PMO Fundamentals
  • PMO Benefits and Challenges
  • Types of PMO Organizations
  • Functions of a PMO
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • PMO Design and Implementation
  • Reporting, Monitoring, and Controlling
  • PMO Governance


1500 – Practical Project Management for Today’s Complex World, or equivalent real-world experience of the fundamental principles of Project Management.

Course Outline

  • Definition and Characteristics of a PMO

    • What is a PMO?
    • Benefits of the PMO
    • Four PMO models
    • Typical PMO functions
    • PMO Challenges
    • Next Gen PMO
  • Establishing the PMO

    • The PMO Project
    • Do's and Don'ts of PMO Implementation
    • Governance
    • Obtaining Stakeholder Buy-In
    • PMO Charter and Project Plan
  • Process Definition and Assimilation

    • PMO as Change Agent
    • Tools for the PMO: templates, risk assessment
    • Project Stewardship
    • Demonstrating PMO value
  • Managing the Projects Portfolio

    • Planning, Reporting, and Oversight (Schedule, Budget, Scope)
    • PMO Risk Management
    • Project performance metrics
  • Maintaining and Archiving PMO Assets