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SharePoint 2007 Power Users and End Users

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This hands-on instructor-led SharePoint training course provides an introduction to the end-user experience within the SharePoint 2007 environment. SharePoint has many components and allows many options for working within the environment. Understanding and remembering how to use them all can be a challenge. This course covers both Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 as well as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. We will cover the core functionality in the new version of SharePoint as well as the enhancements that have been made since the 2003 version. Whether you are new to SharePoint or just need to understand the new functionality in SharePoint Server 2007, this course will help you make the most of this popular tool.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Master the components of SharePoint
  • Work with document libraries, lists and navigate within sites
  • Create and manage documents
  • Work with picture and Wiki page libraries
  • Work with built-in and custom Lists
  • Search for content


Familiarity with the Windows user interface. Touch typing skills are required.

Course Outline

  • Module 1 Overview of Sites and Workspaces

    • Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services
    • Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Environment
    • What is a Site ?
    • Top Level Sites
    • Sub Sites
    • Site Collections
    • What is a Workspace ?
    • Document Workspace
    • Basic Meeting Workspace
    • Blank Meeting Workspace
    • Decision Meeting Workspace
    • Social Meeting Workspace
    • Multipage Meeting Workspace
  • Module 2 Using the Default Team Site

    • Overview of a Team Site
    • Creating a new Team Site
    • Changing the default image and icon for a Team Site
    • Changing the title and description for a Team Site
    • Changing the color and theme for a Team Site
  • Module 3 Understanding Lists

    • What are lists ?
    • Discussion board Lists
    • Contact Lists
    • Announcement Lists
    • Link Lists
    • Calendar Lists
    • Tasks Lists
    • Survey Lists
  • Module 4 Understanding Libraries

    • What is a Library ?
    • Document Libraries
    • Picture Libraries
    • Wiki Page Libraries
    • Form Libraries
    • New files within a library
    • Uploading files to a library
    • Folders within a library
    • Content Types
  • Module 5 Using Microsoft Office 2007 with SharePoint

    • Defining Check In and Check Out for libraries
    • Defining Metadata
    • Defining Document Versioning
  • Module 6 Content Approval

    • Document Approval
    • Enabling Approval for a document library
    • Approving a document after it has been created
    • Workflow
    • Implementing Workflow settings for a document library
    • Completing a Workflow process
  • Module 7 Other Site Features

    • Search Tools
    • Searching within Team Sites
    • Searching within Libraries
    • Site Recycle Bin
    • Restoring deleted items
    • RSS Feed
  • Module 8 Creating a Workspace

    • Creating a team workspace
    • Creating a document workspace
    • Creating a meeting workspace
    • Workspace Templates
    • Managing built in web parts for a workspace
    • Managing pages in a meeting workspace
    • Customizing content with web parts
  • Module 9 Managing Usage

    • Configuring usage analysis processing
    • Viewing site usage summary data
    • Viewing site collection usage summary data
    • Viewing storage space allocation
    • Setting Site Collection Quotas and Locks
    • Adding a Content Database
    • Configuring User Alerts
    • Types of Alerts
  • Module 10 Administering a Site Collection

    • Managing Site Collection Owners
    • Managing Blocked File Types
    • Managing Maximum Upload Size
    • Configuring Anti Virus Settings
    • Configuring Backup
  • Module 11 Configuring Site Connections

    • Setting the Default Content Database Server
    • Setting the Configuration Database Server
    • Configuring Data Retrieval Service Settings
  • Module 12 Removing Site Components

    • Configuring Site Collection Use Confirmation
    • Configuring Auto Deletion
    • Deleting a Site Collection