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Microsoft SharePoint 2007 for Developers

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Microsoft SharePoint 2007 provides a huge range of functionality including enterprise content management, automation of business processes, and business intelligence and reporting. Although SharePoint is rich in features and capabilities, it involves common concepts and developer tasks that are universal to every type of SharePoint project. This course is designed to provide those who are responsible for customizing and creating new functionality within the platform mastery of these common tasks, including: customization of look and feel through styles, themes, and master pages, controls and web parts, custom pages, creation and deployment of solutions, security, debugging, workflows, custom site definitions, lists, documents libraries, and features. Students who master the contents of this course will possess the knowledge to productively contribute on most types of SharePoint implementation because they will understand the tasks and building blocks required in all types of custom solutions.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Have a firm understanding of the core components of SharePoint 2007
  • Understand Site Columns and Content Types
  • Develop complex workflows in SharePoint Designer 2007
  • Create Forms Based Authentication
  • Understand the SharePoint Architecture
  • Understand SharePoint Features
  • Have a working knowledge of Site Definitions
  • Use Styles and Themes
  • Create, edit, and user Master Pages
  • Understand core programming fundamentals
  • Create and use Web parts
  • Understand Advanced List Concepts


This course is designed for individuals with a working understanding of ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005 tools.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to SharePoint Development

    • Defining SharePoint
    • SharePoint Development
    • Site Collections and Sites
    • Lists and Libraries
    • Web Part Pages
    • Site Templates
  • Site Columns and Content Types

    • Site Columns
    • Content Types
    • Design Implications
  • Extending Lists with Office 2007

    • Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007
    • Complex Logic in Workflows
    • Access 2007 and SharePoint
    • Word 2007 Mail Merges
  • Authentication and Authorization

    • Security Concepts
    • Dealing with Multiple Audiences
    • Authorization in SharePoint
  • Forms Based Authentication and Anonymous Access

    • Membership and Role Providers
    • Anonymous Access
    • Custom Membership and Anonymous Access
  • SharePoint Architecture

    • Building Blocks
    • Page Request Pipeline
    • Page Storage and Processing
  • Features

    • Features
  • Solution Development

    • Development Environment
    • Web Solution Packages
    • Common Failure Modes
    • Mitigating Complexity
  • Categorized Document Library

    • The Scenario
    • Solution Components
  • Site Definitions

    • Site Definitions
    • WEBTEMP* .xml
    • Onet.xml
  • Styles and Themes

    • WSS Branding Options
    • SharePoint CSS
    • Branding Tools
  • Master Pages

    • Master Page Basics
    • Master Pages in SharePoint
  • Programming Fundamentals

    • Microsoft.SharePoint .dll
    • Debugging and Troubleshooting
    • Security, Identity, and Impersonation
    • Deploying Managed Code
  • Creating User Controls and Web Parts

    • Controls
    • Web Part Fundamentals
    • Customization and Personalization
    • Deploying Web Parts with Features
    • Using UserControls in WebParts
    • Web Part Connections
  • Advanced List Concepts

    • Lists and Libraries in the Object Model
    • CAML Queries
    • List Events
    • Custom Field Types
  • Workflows

    • Workflow Basics
    • Connecting SharePoint and Workflow
    • Passing Data to Workflow Instances