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Windows XP Security

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Microsoft Windows XP is the desktop operating system for the vast majority of business workstations. Securing this platform requires an in-depth knowledge of what settings can be adjusted within Windows XP to secure the operating system as well as its applications and data.

This hands-on instructor-led Windows XP Security training class is designed to provide students with the ability to identify security vulnerabilities in the Windows XP operating system and take the steps needed to secure the operating system and its associated data and programs from unauthorized access.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Understand the security weaknesses of Windows XP
  • Modify operating system parameters to reduce security vulnerabilities in the operating system
  • Implement security practices to protect data and programs used through Windows XP
  • Audit access and use of sensitive information assets

Course Outline

  • Overview of IT security

    • Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information assets
  • Overview of Windows XP security architecture

    • What type of settings, utilities and services are available in Windows XP to protect your information assets
  • Windows XP vulnerabilities

    • Attack vectors that a hacker would use in order to attack Windows XP
  • User access and authorization

    • How does Windows XP limit the actions by unauthorized users
  • File and folder security

    • How to protect data stored by Windows XP
  • Internal security within Windows XP

    • Using the Registry, user rights, security options and services to protect Windows XP
  • Auditing Windows XP

    • Monitoring the use of sensitive information and changes in security policies
  • Windows XP network security

    • Steps to take to protect a Windows XP PC connected to a LAN or WAN
  • Windows XP in a domain

    • Security steps used when a Windows XP operating system is added to a Microsoft Active Directory domain