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Advanced XML & XSL (425)

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This class builds on a basic XML knowledge and focuses on creating modular and flexible stylesheets. Complexities like XPath, functions, modes, and dynamic modification of stylesheets is discussed with many examples and exercises. This is the perfect class for mastering the techniques required to transform your XML data into the various formats your applications demand.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Parse documents sequentially
  • Work with XPath axes and expressions
  • Utilize functions and calculations in stylesheets
  • Write reusable XSL stylesheets
  • Learn about modes and named templates
  • Produce output in multiple formats
  • Dynamically modify stylesheets
  • Preform dynamic searches with XSL


410 Introduction to XML and/or Significant experience using XML and XSLT, and a basic familiarity with JavaScript

Course Outline

  • Introduction and Goals of the Course

    • Where does XSLT fit in?
    • Goals of the Course
  • Review: Processing an XML Datasheet with XSL

    • An analysis of the XSLT code
    • Variables in XSL and the xsl:variable Tag
  • Using XSL to Parse Documents Sequentially

    • Understanding Mixed-Content Elements in XSL
    • Transforming an XML Sonnet for Display
    • Producing Combination-Type XSL Style sheets
  • Numbering with xsl:number

    • The <xsl:number> tag
  • XPath Axes and Expressions

    • Using Axis Expressions to Specify Relationships
  • Functions and Calculations

    • Common XSL Functions
    • Arithmetic in XSL
    • Number Formatting
    • Measuring Node Position
  • Writing Reusable Code

    • Named Templates
  • Modes: Applying Different Templates to Nodes with the Same Name

    • Generating Unique Identifiers for Internal Hyperlinks
  • Producing Output in Multiple Formats

    • Producing Plain Text with XSL
    • Using Template Recursion to Produce Content
    • Producing New XML
    • Reusable Conversion Templates
    • Making Exceptions in your Template Rules
  • Dynamic Modification of XSL

    • Generating Data Drill-Downs
    • Displaying More Information Without Losing Your List of Links
  • Creating Scrollable Displays

    • Dynamic Searching with XSL
  • Including External Code Libraries

    • xsl: import vs. xsl:include
    • Case-insensitive searching
  • Appendix A: Introduction to the XML DOM

    • Partial Searches with JavaScript
    • Building a Tree Display of your XML Content