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Adobe Flash CS4: Rich Content Creation

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In this hands-on instructor-led Flash CS 4 training course you will learn to create engaging applications that are rich with video, sound, graphics, and animation. You will learn how to create original content in Flash or import it from other Adobe applications, quickly design simple animations, and use Adobe ActionScript 3.0 to develop sophisticated interactive projects. You will get the opportunity to use new features, such as the new motion tween model and the Motion Editor, to create armatures with inverse kinematics, to work in 3D, to use the Adobe Media Encoder, and more.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Work with Graphics
  • Create and Edit Symbols
  • Add Animation
  • Create Interactive Navigation
  • Work with Sound and Video
  • Use Components
  • Load and Control Flash Content
  • Publish Flash Documents


To gain the most from this class, students should be familiar with the Windows or Mac OS X operating systems, and be familiar with the web and its terminology.

Course Outline

  • Getting Acquainted with Flash CS4

    • Getting to know the work area
    • Working with the Library panel
    • Understanding the Timeline
    • Organizing Layers in a Timeline
    • Using the Property inspector
    • Using the Tools panel
    • Undoing steps in Flash
    • Previewing your Movie
    • Publishing your Movie
    • Finding Resources for Using Flash
    • Checking for Updates
  • Working with Graphics

    • Getting started
    • Understanding Strokes and Fills
    • Creating rectangles
    • Using a gradient fill
    • Making selections
    • Drawing ovals
    • Making Patterns
    • Creating Curves
    • Creating Transparencies
    • Creating and Editing Text
  • Creating and Editing Symbols

    • Importing Illustrator files
    • About Symbols
    • Importing Photoshop Files
    • Editing and Managing Symbols
    • Changing the Size and Position of Instances
    • Changing the Color Effect of Instances
    • Understanding Blend Effects
    • Applying Filters for Special Effects
    • Positioning in 3D Space
  • Adding Animation

    • About Animation
    • Understanding the project file
    • Animation Position
    • Changing the Pacing and Timing
    • Animating Transparency
    • Animating Filters
    • Animating Transformations
    • Changing the Path of the Motion
    • Swapping Tween Targets
    • Creating Nested Animations
    • Using the Motion Editor
    • Easing
    • Animating 3D Motion
    • Previewing the Animation
  • Articulated Motion and Morphing

    • Articulated Motion with Inverse Kinematics
    • Constraining Joints
    • Inverse Kinematics with Shapes
    • Armature Options
    • Morphing with Shape Tweens
    • Using Shape Hints
  • Creating Interactive Navigation

    • About Interactive Movies
    • Designing a Layout
    • Creating Buttons
    • Understanding ActionScript 3.0
    • Adding a Stop Action
    • Creating Event Handlers for Buttons
    • Creating Destination Keyframes
    • Playing Animation at the Destination
    • Animated Buttons
  • Working with Sound and Video

    • Understanding Flash Video
    • Using the Adobe Media Encoder
    • Understanding Encoding Options
    • Playback of External Video
    • Working with Video and Transparency
    • Embedding Flash Video
  • Using Components

    • About Components
    • Adding a Text Component
    • Using Components to Create Interactivity
  • Loading and Controlling Flash Content

    • Loading External Content
    • Removing External Content
    • Controlling Movie Clips
    • Creating Masks
  • Publishing Flash Documents

    • Testing a Flash Document
    • Understanding the Bandwidth Profiler
    • Adding Metadata
    • Publishing a Movie for the Web
    • Alternative Publishing Options