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Adobe Flash CS5: Rich Content Creation

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In this hands-on Adobe CS3 training course you will learn how to create Web pages and components that contain text, graphics, and animation, and that will display correctly in almost every browser on most computing platforms. You will learn how to create Flash-based movies that contain graphics, text, and animations. Training is virtual live instructor led courses, complete with exercises, colleague collaboration, and one-on-one chat with the instructor.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Work with graphics and manage text in a Flash document
  • Add animations and interactivity
  • Produce Flash movies
  • Publish a Flash document


Good working knowledge of HTML or Dreamweaver Familiarity with other graphics programs such as Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks, or Director is helpful

Course Outline

  • Exploring Adobe Flash CS3

    • Examine Rich Internet Applications
    • Explore the Adobe Flash CS3 Environment
    • Produce a Flash Application File
  • Working with Graphics

    • Import Graphics
    • Create Vector Graphics
    • Modify Vector Graphics
    • Organize Content with Layers
    • Modify Colors
    • Convert Graphics to Symbols
    • Create a Mask Effect
  • Managing Text in a Flash Document

    • Add Text to a Flash Document
    • Set Font Options
    • Add Input Text Using Flash Components
    • Apply a Skin to a Component
  • Adding Animations to a Flash Document

    • Create a Frame-by-Frame Animation
    • Create a Motion Tween Animation
    • Create a Complex Motion Tween
    • Control the Timeline with ActionScript
    • Create a Shape Tween Animation
    • Animate Using Timeline Effects
  • Adding Interactivity to Buttons

    • Create Buttons
    • Control Movies with Button Behaviors
    • Create Navigation Systems
  • Working with Movie Clips

    • Add Interactivity with Movie Clips
    • Create a Flash Slide Presentation
    • Apply Effects to Movie Clips
  • Adding Audio to a Movie

    • Import Audio
    • Control Sound Playback
    • Add Sounds with Behaviors
  • Adding Video to a Movie

    • Encode a Video Object
    • Create a Video Object
  • Publishing Flash Documents

    • Publish a Flash Document
    • Detect the Flash Player Version