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Silverlight 3 Development


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This three day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to develop Microsoft Silverlight 3 applications through a variety of available development tools and techniques. It introduces the new features and concepts being introduced with the new version of the technology. The course focuses on user interfaces, program structure and implementation details.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Create a simple Silverlight 2/3 application based on the Visual Studio Silverlight application template.
  • Use existing user controls to create a user interface and customize their templates and styles to provide an optimal user experience.
  • Create Silverlight custom controls.
  • Use data binding mechanisms to populate controls with a data.
  • Consume existing WCF/Web services from Silverlight applications.
  • Communicate with the Silverlight hosting environment (HTML DOM).


  • Working knowledge of C#, HTML and JavaScript
  • Highly recommended: web development knowledge (web development basics will not be covered in this course)
  • Course Outline

      Module 1: Silverlight Development Introduction

    • This module explains how to start developing Silverlight applications, which tools are needed, the purpose and motivation of XAML, which user controls are available out of the box and how to use them. Lessons
      • Introduction to Silverlight
      • Silverlight XAML and XAML editing tools
      • Silverlight application architecture, “Hello World!” with Silverlight
      • Available controls
      • Handling and publishing events
      • Transformations
      • Animations
      • Silverlight 3 Text Features
      • Behaviors

      Module 2: Silverlight Development

    • This module explains how to access XAML objects from managed code, create new XAML objects dynamically, develop user controls and custom controls, create control templates and styles, use data binding and customize user control states with the Visual State Manager. Lessons
      • Managing XAML objects
      • Creating XAML objects from managed code, Managing XAML objects from managed code
      • Silverlight user controls and custom controls
      • Control templates and styles
      • Dependency Properties
      • Data binding
      • Visual State Manager
      • Networking
    • Lab : Hands On #1
      • Layouts
      • Code-behind data binding
      • Data templates
      • Consuming WCF services
    • Lab : Hands On #2
      • User controls
      • XAML data binding
      • IvalueConverter
    • Lab : Hands On #3
      • VisualStateManager
      • Animations