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5 Skills of a Top IT Manager: Keys to Getting the Most from Your Staff


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IT staff are often promoted to manager because they have excellent technical skills - not necessarily management skills. However, managing technical people requires a very special skill set, causing IT managers to face tremendous challenges when managing their staff. How can you improve your people management skills to get the most out of your IT team?

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will discover:

  • Keys to dramatically improving your technical management skills
  • Proven strategies to increase collaboration and teamwork
  • How to give feedback that will reduce defensiveness & improve performance
  • Ways to hold staff accountable, while keeping them motivated
  • Keys to delivering a performance review that is productive & motivating

Course Outline

  • Keys to Getting the Most Out of Your IT Staff: Proven Strategies for IT Managers

    • Do's & don'ts for communicating instructions and expectations
    • Effective collaboration strategies to enhance team productivity
    • Keys to creating lasting performance improvement in your staff
    • Ways to sharpen your communication skills to avoid misunderstandings
  • How to Give Feedback that Prevents Defensiveness & Creates Buy-in for Higher Performance

    • Keys to staying effective - even during tough conversations
    • Ways to deliver constructive criticism - without creating conflict
    • How to get to the root of a problem behavior & inspire higher performance
    • How to turn painful performance review conversations into positive results
  • Ways to Motivate Your Team to do What Needs to be Done - When it Needs to be Done

    • Keys to creating a motivating culture for technical people
    • Strategies for overcoming reluctance, resistance and lack of motivation
    • Practical tools & approaches to manage your team to really meet their goals
    • How to delegate, so they'll take ownership and do it "right"