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1-3 day (9 HOUR TRAINING):

Adobe CS4 Product Integration for Design and Web - 6 part Training


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Solve your business design and web needs with the big powerhouse Adobe CS4 applications. In this 6 part training session, you will learn how to use the products together to produce vector based/resalable artwork, printed brochures, PDFs, and interactive page curl SWF, pixel based artwork, touch ups, mockups for the web, and a website.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will:

  • Learn the incredible ways that Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Fireworks and Dreamweaver work together to cover your Design and Web needs.
  • Create powerful images with Adobe Photoshop CS4. Touch up human skin and create/manipulate graphics for web and print.
  • Rapidly prototype website interfaces with Adobe Fireworks CS4. Create and optimize images for web. Export CSS & HTML
  • Design, develop, and maintain standards-based websites and applications with the industry's leading web authoring tool - Adobe Dreamweaver CS4. Dreamweaver is ideal for web designers, web developers, and visual designers.

Course Outline

  • Session One: Adobe Illustrator Overview: Tools, & Features

    • Create a vector based logo that will be used in a printed brochure and on the web
    • Use Illustrator's new multiple art boards to create a double sided business card & Letterhead
    • Learn how to save
    • Various exporting features in Illustrator
  • Session Two: Adobe InDesign Overview: Tools & Features

    • Build a four page brochure with a pre-built InDesign template
    • Bring the brochure to life by adding the Illustrator logo, flowing text containers and other artwork.
    • Prepare you brochure for print. Learn about CYMK and Spot Colors
    • Exporting a Your InDesign file as a PDF
    • Exporting an SWF - Create a Shockwave Flash file with an interactive page cur
  • Session Three: Adobe Bridge: Organize, browse, locate, & view creative assets

    • Adobe Bridge - Batching naming files, keyword assignment, filtering, & more
    • Adobe Photoshop Overview: Tools & Features
    • Amazing retouch tools for photographs
  • Session Four: Creative Ideas & Photoshop Magic

    • Quick fixes, shortcuts, tips, & tricks
    • Create a mockup that will be used for a website layout idea
    • Use a Smart Object to bring in the Illustrator logo & retain Vector properties
    • Create independent web slices, jpg's, gif's, png's, and tiff files
  • Session Five: Adobe Fireworks Overview: Tools & Features

    • Importing your Photoshop Mockup & preparing the concept of slicing
    • Create an additional Webpage layout in Fireworks
    • Export the layout as CSS & HTML pages that will be used in Dreamweaver
  • Session Six: Adobe Dreamweaver Overview: Tools & Features

    • Explore the layout in Dreamweaver & CSS Review
    • Create additional web pages for a complete website
    • Creative ideas & Dreamweaver magic (give your website pizzazz)