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1-3 day (9 HOUR TRAINING):

Adobe Dreamweaver & CSS: Expert Training for Website Design


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Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the industry's leading web authoring tools for building world-class websites and applications. Cascading style sheets (CSS) are the modern standard for website presentation, controlling such things as borders, spacing between paragraphs, headings or images, control of font faces or font colors, background colors and images.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Create rich, aesthetically compelling web designs in Dreamweaver
  • Drastically reduce the cost of building and maintaining your website
  • Analyze your code to ensure that it is done correctly and efficiently
  • Troubleshoot your specific problems - Live Demonstrations

Course Outline

  • Session 1: Dreamweaver Foundations

    • Dreamweaver Overview
    • XHTML overview
    • Building a website and web pages
    • Building a site from a pre-built CSS Template
    • Adding text and images
  • Session 2: Working with Cascading Style Sheets

    • CSS fundamentals
    • Selectors
    • Creating Style Sheets
    • Embedding and linking styles
    • Lists, tables, fonts and styles
  • Session 3: Working with Images & Navigation

    • Inserting images
    • Background images
    • Links (relative, external, anchor and email)
    • Selectors (review and advanced techniques)
    • Styles edits and creating new styles
  • Session 4: CSS and Dreamweaver Templates (.dwt files)

    • CSS in depth
    • Creating Dreamweaver Templates (.dwt)
    • Editable Regions
    • Creating child pages based on a .dwt file
    • Revising the .dwt file and web page synchronization
  • Session 5: Interactivity

    • Spry Widgets, Flash (.swf), Flash Video (.flv)
    • Extending Dreamweaver using Extensions
    • Behaviors & JavaScript
    • XML Integration
    • Forms
  • Session 6: Publishing to the Web

    • Hosting considerations and FTP
    • Cloaking and testing
    • The Check-Out and Check-In System
    • Using the Files Panel to Upload and Download Files