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1-3 day (9 HOUR TRAINING):

Animating Your Site: Boost Business with Adobe After Effects Training


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A more interactive and animated website can be just what your business needs to drive more customers to your site. Expert graphic designer Stephen Schleicher will introduce you to Adobe After Effects as well as walk you through creating animations and visual effects.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will discover:

  • How to Navigate the Adobe After Effects Workspace
  • Ways to Create Basic Animation
  • Tips and Tricks to Animating Text
  • Understanding Masks, Effects and Expressions for Animation

Course Outline

  • Adobe After Effects Orientation: Get to Know Your Workspace

    • Discover the Project & Composition Windows
    • How to create a composition & project settings
    • Best ways to create solids & transform properties- Learn valuable shortcuts
    • Anchoring, positioning, & scaling your animations
  • After Effects Key Framing- What You Need to Know

    • How to create single & multiple keyframes
    • Ways to ease keyframes & use motion blurs
    • Discover RAM previews
  • After Effect Modes and Your Animation

    • How to animate with parenting and null objects
    • Nesting compositions
    • Tips on animating text & using animation presets
  • Creating Basic Animation and Your Presets

    • How to apply effects to your animation
    • Ways to add expressions and masks
    • Discover how to render your final composition