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1-3 day (9 HOUR TRAINING):

CLR Executables: Stored Procedures, Functions, Aggregates, & User-Defined Types


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This session will discuss how to create CLR executables in Visual Basic.NET and C#. We'll see how to create CLR stored procedures, functions, aggregates as well as user-defined types. The session demonstrates CLR executable development through use of Visual Studio as well as SQL ServerManagement Studio. Training is virtual live instructor led courses, complete with exercises, colleague collaboration, and one-on-one chat with the instructor.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • What is a CLR executable and how is this different from T-SQL and other .NET assemblies?
  • How are CLR executables coded, deployed and tested?
  • When do CLR executables make sense and when do they cause performance problems.
  • What new skills are needed to build CLR executables?

Course Outline

  • Understanding CLR Executables

    • What is a .NET assembly?
    • Which types of executables can be implemented with CLR assemblies?
    • How does SQL Server invoke CLR executables?
    • How is the CLR option enabled and disabled?
  • Understanding Where CLR Technology Fits

    • Which existing SQL Server executables can clearly benefit from .NET technology?
    • Should existing SQL Server executables be converted to CLR?
    • Choosing the right job to solve with CLR executables.
  • Using Visual Studio with SQL Server to build, test and deploy CLR executables

    • How are CLR executables built with Visual Studio?
    • How are they deployed and tested?
    • How are CLR executables debugged?
    • When is it necessary to build CLR executables with scripts and how is this done?