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Advanced Web Design: Layout, Forms, and Scripting (102)

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Advanced Web Design explores more sophisticated design techniques you need to enhance your page with forms and multimedia. Additionally, you will discover how to incorporate dynamic technologies to give you more control over your page styles and provide the user with interactivity. Our training is virtual live instructor led courses, complete with exercises, colleague collaboration, and one-on-one chat with the instructor.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Incorporate various multimedia to your Web page
  • Design simple HTML forms with simple client-side validation, allowing users a selection of input options
  • Design complex tables for layouts and data
  • Introduce the basic concept of JavaScript, including functions, objects, methods, event handlers and an understanding of the DOM
  • Implement JavaScript to validate forms, ensuring that the user fills in the form properly
  • Review concept of Dynamic Scripting or DOM Scripting as a whole to better understand why a dynamic website is the future
  • Know what to do with your Web pages to get them published


101: Introduction to HTML, XHTML, and Cascading Style Sheets

Course Outline

  • HTML Forms

    • How Forms Work: The Form Page and the Process Page
    • < form >
    • < input >
    • Size
    • Maxlength
    • Get
    • Post
    • < textarea >
    • Radio Buttons
    • Checkboxes
    • Select Menus
  • Simple Client-Side Validation of Forms

  • Advanced Tables

    • Other Tags
  • <meta> Tags

    • Keywords
    • Description
    • Author
    • Generator
    • Refresh
  • Multimedia

    • Best Practices
    • Image Maps
    • Videos
    • Audio
  • Introduction to JavaScript and the Document Object Model

    • ECMAScript-262
    • The Document Object Model
  • JavaScript in DOM Scripting/DHTML

  • Structure of JavaScript

    • window Object
    • Prompts: alert(), prompt(), confirm()
    • Nesting Quotes
    • Multiple Statements
    • link Object
    • Functions
    • Writing a function
    • Passing an argument
    • Concatenating strings and variables
    • Calling from other functions
    • getElementById
    • getElementsbyTagName
    • External File
    • Embedded
    • Inline
  • JavaScript Event Handlers

    • OnClick
    • OnMousover, On Mouseout
    • OnLoad, onUnLoad
    • OnSubmit
    • OnFocus, Onblur
    • value
  • Why DOM Scripting/DHTML?

    • Static Website
    • Dynamic Website
  • Concepts in Review: Dynamic Technologies : HTML, XHTML, CSS, and DOM Scripting

  • Capstone Project: Creating a Learning Game

  • Appendix A: Special Characters

  • Appendix B: Color Chart

  • Appendix C: Additional Form Element

  • Appendix D: Additional Tags