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Advanced Cold Fusion 8 (521

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This advanced ColdFusion training course builds on the concepts learned in the introductory level course. It teaches you how to take full advantage of ColdFusion 8 while building Web applications. In addition to introducing new concepts, the course focuses on best practices and design, stressing the importance of usability, code reuse, performance, and scalability.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Track user information from page to page
  • Display data creatively
  • Generate graphs
  • Write queries of queries
  • Reference stored procedures
  • Reuse code
  • Manipulate files on the server
  • Handle errors and exceptions
  • Validate data with regular expressions


512 Introduction to ColdFusion 8

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Components

    • Creating ColdFusion Components
    • Introducing CFC Syntax
    • Invoking Static CFC Methods
    • Using the Application Framework
    • Configuring Application Settings
    • Handling Application Events
    • Handling Request Events
    • Locking Shared Scope Variables
    • Handling Session Events
  • Manipulating Lists and Queries

    • Using Lists
    • The Query Object
    • Summarizing and Grouping Data
    • Transaction Processing
    • Querying a Query
  • Manipulating Data with Arrays and Structures

    • Using Arrays
    • Using Structures
    • Using Built-In ColdFusion Data Structures
    • Dynamically Evaluating Variables
    • Combining Data Structures
    • Accessing Data by Value or Reference
  • Advanced Component Concepts

    • Instance-Based Components
    • Creating Dynamic Getter/Setter Proxies with onMissingMethod()
    • Using Built-In Components
    • Prototyping Components with <cfinterface>
  • Handling Errors and Exceptions

    • Introducing Error Handling
    • Customizing Application Error Messages
    • Application-Wide Error Handling
    • Handling Exceptions with Try/Catch
    • Exception Handling Frameworks
  • Code and Content Reuse

    • Creating Custom Tags
    • Using Custom Tag Attributes
    • Setting Results on the Calling Page
    • Calling Custom Tags
    • Creating CFML Simple Nested Custom Tags
    • .NET Integration with ColdFusion 8
    • Creating Web Services
    • Calling Web Services
  • Working with PDF Files and Forms

    • Generate PDF Files from ColdFusion
    • Manipulating PDF Files with <cfpdf>
    • Pre-filling PDF Forms
    • Posting Data from a PDF Form to ColdFusion
  • Data and File Manipulation in ColdFusion

    • Manipulating Image Data with <cfimage>
    • Reading and Storing Image Data
    • Image Processing
    • Creating RSS Feeds
    • Consuming RSS Feeds
  • Scaling Applications

    • Understanding and Identifying Scalability Bottlenecks
    • Caching Recordsets
    • Caching Generated Results with <cf_accelerate>
    • Caching Entire Page Results
    • Using Asynchronous Processes to Improve Performance