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1-3 day (9 HOUR TRAINING):

Developing Ajax Web 2.0 Applications


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Develop powerful, easy-to-use Web 2.0 sites using Ajax techniques. Enhancing your organization's current Web site with Ajax increases usability and customer satisfaction while maintaining a competitive edge.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Construct robust user interfaces that are compelling, intuitive and accessible
  • Create effective, dynamic content for integration with your Web applications
  • Enhance application functionality with the JQuery and Prototype libraries
  • Apply best practices to create standards-compliant, robust Web applications
  • Enhance the security of Ajax-based Web applications

Course Outline

  • Day 1 - Session one: Exploring Ajax Fundamentals

    • XHTML, XML, JavaScript,CSS, DOM, JSON
    • Exchanging information using the XMLHttpRequest object
    • Measuring the business benefits of Ajax
    • Improving data exchange efficiency
    • Streamlining data entry and presentation
  • Day 1 - Session two: Applying Client-Side Ajax Techniques

    • Exchanging data with the server using XHR
    • Handling communication errors
    • Utilizing browser tools
    • Modifying HTML content
    • Ensuring up-to-date data with cache defeat
  • Day 2 - Session one: Leveraging Third-Party Libraries

    • Tapping into the power of client libraries
    • Decreasing time-to-market with code-reuse
    • Defining and configuring JavaScript objects with JSON
    • Cleaning up HTML with unobtrusive JavaScript
    • Encapsulating Ajax requests
  • Day 2 - Session two: Making the User Interface Accessible

    • Architecting for progressive enhancement and graceful degradation
    • Complying with W3C and statutory guidelines
    • Analyzing the XHR security model
    • Preventing theft of JSON data
    • Addressing the limitations of client-side validation
  • Day 3 - Session one: On-Demand JavaScript Capabilities

    • Dynamically injecting script blocks
    • Creating self-contained JavaScript libraries
    • Making use of the tag to access JSON data from a second site
    • Integrating cross-domain RSS with a server-side proxy
  • Day 3 - session two: Maximizing Toolkits for Rich User Interfaces

    • Adding a graphical calendar control
    • Marrying data and presentation through in-line editing
    • Exploiting special effects for the "wow" factor
    • Populating forms with dynamic requests
    • Assisting the user with autosuggest
  • Live Question and Answer Sessions - Multiple Ways to "Ask the Expert"

    • Chat your specific questions to the speaker
    • Que in for live Q&A with the speaker
    • Post your question on our community board for peer & expert advice
  • Who should attend:

    • Web Developers and designers
    • Those with experience with JavaScript