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1-3 day (9 HOUR TRAINING):

Fundamentals of Visual Basic.NET


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This progressive, online training session is for those who want to learn the foundations and basic concepts of Visual Basic.NET. This 75 minute session is an overview of Visual Basic.NET and its benefits followed by a 15 minute question and answer session with the instructor.

Course Overview

Benefits of this exclusive webinar training include:

  • A cutting-edge training experience - where the students and instructor are both working in the same training environment
  • Exposure to critical developer tools - used to create, debug and deploy Visual Basic.NET applications.
  • Personalized attention from industry-expert and Microsoft Visual Basic.NET MVP, Mark Dunn
  • Easy-access to session recordings immediately after each session

Course Outline

  • The What and Why of Programming Languages

    • A short history of the BASIC Language
    • A Quick Tour of the Visual Studio Development Environment
    • Solutions, Projects, Designers, Code Window
    • Solution Explorer, Properties Window, ToolBox
  • Creating a Hello World Windows Program in Visual Basic.NET

    • Writing Code
    • Creating Variables
    • Working with Strings
  • Using a Command Button to respond to a user action Events Using a MessageBox for output Using a Label for output Building and Testing the program Deployment Options Software Requirements: * All of these can be installed from the Microsoft Download sites * Instructions will be provided 7 days prior to course

    • Visual Basic.NET 2010 Express Edition
    • Microsoft SharedView
    • Software can be installed on any Windows XP SP3 or better system. In some cases, subscribers might already have a copy of Visual Studio.NET or Visual Basic.NET installed-virtually any version from 2005 to the most recent version will suffice but the instructor will be using the 2010 version. 32-bit systems should have as much RAM as practical but at least 1.5 GB . 64-bit systems should have at least 2GB of RAM installed for optimal performance. Given the amount of software installed, user systems should have about 2GB of free disk space available.
    • For best viewing screen resolution of systems used for webinar sessions should be set at 1280 x 768.