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Hitchhiker's Guide to Visual Studio & SQL


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This session discusses how Visual Studio developers can leverage the power of the Report Definition Language to manage and generate client-side reports or launch SQL Server Reporting Services reports. We'll discuss the latest MicrosoftReportViewer control as well as the Business Intelligence toolset exposed in Visual Studio 2008. Yes, much of this functionality is also available in earlier versions of Visual Studio and SQL Server so we'll talk about that too.

Course Overview

Join us for a 75-minute webinar where you and your colleagues will discover:

  • What is SQL Server Reporting Services, the Report Definition Language (RDL) and the ReportViewer control?
  • How are reports generated and where can data be sourced?
  • How are server-side reports developed, deployed, managed and protected?
  • How can reports replace user interface elements?

Course Outline

  • Understanding RDL Reporting Architecture and Development

    • How does Reporting Services work?
    • How can the ReportViewer control leverage RDL reports hosted on the client or server?
    • How are reports developed, tested, deployed and secured?
  • Understanding the Updates in SQL Server 2008

    • What has been improved in SQL Server Reporting Services 2008?
    • What limitations do ReportViewer developers still facing?
    • What is expected in Visual Studio 2010 to address these issues?
  • Understanding How to Replace Common UI Elements with Reports

    • How can a report be used to replace TextBox, Label and DataGrid controls?
    • How can parent-child relationships be exposed on a report?
    • How can developers trap report processor events to handle drillthrough?