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1-3 day (9 HOUR TRAINING):

Introduction to Adobe Captivate 4.0


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Adobe Captivate software is a rapid eLearning authoring tool that lets almost anyone create and maintain complex content like software demonstrations, interactive simulations, branching scenarios, and quizzes, without programming. Its intuitive user interface and extensive feature set lets users craft richer content, be more productive, and deliver their eLearning virtually anywhere.

Course Overview

Join us for a 90 minute training session where Adobe Certified instructor Penny LaLiberte will teach:

  • Education Through Pictures
  • Planning eLearning Projects
  • The Development Process of an eLearning Project
  • Recording, Editing and Producing

Course Outline

  • Recording your eLarning movie:

    • Overview & Samples of eLearning movies
    • Record a Demonstration
    • Steps to record a Training Simulation
    • Record an Assessment Simulation
  • Editing your Recordings:

    • Explore the Timeline and Library
    • Insert & edit Rollover Captions, Click Boxes, Buttons, Mouse Pointers
    • Add Slide Labels, Notes and Audio
    • Captivate's animated voice over- Narration your project for you
  • Adding Special Effects and Publishing

    • Insert Flash Video, animation, and rollovers
    • Easy steps to add Question Slides
    • Link to a Web Site, Apply a Skin, Edit & Save a Skin
    • Tips to create a TOC & How to publish a Flash (SWF)
    • Discuss & overview of Learning Management Systems (LMS)