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1-3 day (9 HOUR TRAINING):

Introduction to C# and Visual Studio


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In this C# and Visual Studio training course, students will create a small database application for reporting office records onto a simple user interface. Training is virtual live instructor led courses, complete with exercises, colleague collaboration, and one-on-one chat with the instructor.

Course Overview

In this interactive training you and your colleagues will:

  • Learn the C# language and Visual Studio IDE
  • Navigate the Integrated Development Environment
  • Requirements-Based Object Oriented Software Design Principles
  • Design a Solution to an elementary business-related task
  • Use the Editor to develop the code for the classes
  • Test, Debug, and Monitor the newly-created C# application

Course Outline

  • Navigate the windows, toolbars, and main features of the Visual Studio tool.

    • Perform an elementary requirements-based design analysis for a business task.
    • Describe the 4 layers of infrastructure involved in solution development.
    • Identify and use the main features of the Object Browser and IntelliSense
  • Create C# projects to satisfy requirements for a simplified real-world task

    • Draw a model of the class members to be incorporated into a C# solution
    • Use the Editor to code a simple database application in C#
    • Examine control structures for iterating a data set and handling exceptions
  • Create front-end UI's with C# and plan back-end business server components

    • Run the C# app in debug mode to trap and correct common coding errors
    • Use the perfmon tool to monitor the system performance of a C# app