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1-3 day (9 HOUR TRAINING):

jQuery Fundamentals: Successful jQuery Implementation & Design


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JQuery is an open-source and incredibly useful software. In fact, almost half of the most visited websites use it as their Javascript library - so why haven't you started using it yet?

Course Overview

Join us for this 90-minute training session where you and your colleagues will discover:

  • Crucial functions & benefits of jQuery: everything you need for successful integration
  • Strategies to incorporate jQuery into your website
  • Keys to controlling HTML events with jQuery
  • Simple effects, plug-ins & more - great tips for working with jquery

Course Outline

  • Key Functions of jQuery: Fundamentals for Web-site Design

    • How to Get Started: Adding jQuery to Your Website
    • jQuery notation: keys to navigating & implementing jQuery
    • Strategies to effectively launch code on Pageload
  • Implementing jQuery: Crucial Tools for Your Website

    • Ways to add & remove CSS classes
    • How to control HTML events with jQuery
    • Navigating selectors and traversing the HTML structure
  • JQuery Tips & Tricks: Everything You Need to Get Started

    • Crucial tips with functions, handlers & call backs
    • Creating show & hide effects with jQuery
    • Accordions, tabs & plug-ins: fundamentals of the jQuery software