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1-3 day (9 HOUR TRAINING):

Managing and Writing High-Performance SQL Server Stored Procedures


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Stored procedures have been recognized by database administrators and developers as the most efficient mechanism to access and protect SQL Server databases. When written and executed correctly, these server-side blocks of code can significantly improve performance, security and developer efficiency.

Course Overview

Join us for a 75-minute training session where you and your colleagues will discover how to:

  • Simplify application development by centralizing query and data-manipulation code
  • Increase application performance through use of optimized stored procedure queries
  • Recognize and eliminate typical stored procedure bottlenecks
  • Measure and monitor application performance

Course Outline

  • Understanding Stored Procedure Architecture

    • How stored procedures are compiled, optimized and executed by SQL Server.
    • How to build performance into your applications and stored procedures.
    • How to diagnose application performance problems.
  • Monitoring and Managing the SQL Server Procedure Cache

    • Understanding the Procedure Cache.
    • Recompiling versus using a cached query plan.
    • Monitoring the Procedure Cache.
  • Executing Stored Procedures

    • S Choosing the most efficient ADO.NET Command options.
    • Fetching the stored procedure result sets and row sets efficiently.
    • Managing multiple-resultset stored procedures.