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1-3 day (9 HOUR TRAINING):

Microsoft Project 2007: Tips & Tricks for Project Planning


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Managing your projects at work has become easier through Microsoft Project. Learn the basics of project management using the Microsoft Project 2007 for planning your important projects. In this session, author and instructor Teresa Stover will provide a guided tour of Microsoft Project and demonstrate the best ways to start a new project.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will discover:

  • How to create a new project plan- and manage it
  • Learn to enter and sequence new project plans and tasks
  • Ways to easily organize tasks into an outline
  • Steps to schedule to specific dates & set deadline reminders
  • How to create project milestones

Course Outline

  • Getting Started: Learning the Microsoft Project Workspace

    • Understand project management processes
    • How to navigate Microsoft Project's menu and tool bars
    • How to Facilitate your project with Microsoft Project
    • Become familiar with the Gantt Chart default view
    • Microsoft Project as a database and scheduling engine
  • Tips & Tricks for Creating and Managing New Projects

    • Considerations before starting your new project plan
    • Easy steps to creating a new project plan
    • How to enter and sequence new tasks
  • Scheduling Tasks with Microsoft Project

    • How to enter task durations
    • Learn to establish task dependencies
    • Discover how to schedule your project to specific dates
    • Tricks to Setting and managing deadlines and reminders
    • Discover how to create project milestones