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1-3 day (9 HOUR TRAINING):

Microsoft Silverlight 9 Hour Training: Create Interactive Applications


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Microsoft Silverlight allows you to create engaging applications that enable quicker development and a greater user experience. In this 6-part session you and your colleagues will gain an excellent introduction to Microsoft Silverlight's platform, XAML, and Silverlight design. Our expierenced instructors will have you on your way to developing interactive features and content.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will discover:

  • Keys to navigating the Silverlight platform
  • How to work with XMAL in Silverlight- What you need to know
  • Ways to build applications in Silverlight- How to get your project started
  • How to incorporate Silverlight into Web applications
  • Live Silverlight demonstrations by our expert trainers

Course Outline

  • Silverlight Foundations: Tips for Getting Started

    • Silverlight tooling overview
    • XAML overview
    • Building a simple Silverlight application
    • Keys to connecting to data
  • Getting Started with Silverlight Design

    • Familiarize with XAML
    • Exploring Blend, Controls & Layout
    • Visual State Manager
    • Add interactivity with Behaviors
  • Intro to Data Binding in Silverlight

    • Overview of Data Binding
    • Understanding the Binding syntax and data Contexts
    • Converters and String Formatting
    • Tips for Commanding
    • Fallback and Null Binding
  • Connecting to web services

    • Parsing XML data
    • Creating a WCF for Silverlight
    • Calling a WCF service
  • RIA Services and MVVM

    • Creating a RIA Service
    • Using MetaData Classes
    • Overview of MVVM
    • Implement a simple MVVM pattern
  • Out-of-browser-What You Need to Know

    • Out-of-browser & Web Browser overview
    • Custom Chrome
    • Notification window
    • Checking for updates