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Report Expressions in Visual Basic and Managed Code


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This series of training webinars is designed to help report developers learn how to write efficient and sharable Reporting Services Report Definition Language (RDL) expressions in Visual Basic and other .NET managed code languages (such as C#). Virtually all reports contain expressions of one kind or another. Expressions are what make reports more efficient, more focused, more interesting and more interactive. These fast-paced webinars are presented in three parts-each followed by a hands-on and instructor-mentored set of laboratory exercises that challenge each student to implement what they have learned.

Course Overview

Benefits of this exclusive webinar training series include:

  • Easy-to-understand instruction delivered to a limited number of students.
  • Up-to-date information on the latest Reporting Services technology as well as pragmatic methods, tips and techniques that work with all versions of Reporting Services.
  • An in-depth discussion of creating and sharing code-driven expressions-content that's not available online or in the Microsoft documentation.
  • Personalized attention from industry-expert William Vaughn and the opportunity to ask questions throughout the sessions.
  • Easy-access to session recordings immediately after each webinar

Course Outline

  • Visual Basic for Reports I

    • Understanding Visual Basic
    • Creating Functions and Subroutines
    • Declaring Typed Constants and Variables
  • Visual Basic for Reports II

    • Managing Conditional Expressions and Looping
    • Testing and Debugging Expressions
    • Building an Expression Test-Harness Application
  • Implementing Reporting Services Expressions I

    • S Creating Internal Report Expressions
    • Creating External Report Expressions
    • Coding Report Expressions
  • Implementing Reporting Services Expressions II

    • Working with the Expression Editor
    • Managing Expressions in Calculated Fields and Data Queries
    • Solving Typical Problems with Expressions
  • Sharing Expression Code I

    • Expression Code Reuse and Sharing Issues
    • Creating Managed Assemblies for use in Report Expressions
    • Integrating Business Intelligence and Visual Studio Projects
  • Sharing Expression Code II

    • Creating, Testing and Deploying Custom Managed DLLs
    • Deploying Applications Containing Custom DLLs