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1-3 day (9 HOUR TRAINING):

Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management


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This session discusses how Microsoft's new Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management can help you and your development teams increase quality and kill bugs faster. We'll discuss what you need to configure you own virtual lab discussing both hardware and software needs. We'll then cover how you can use Lab Management with Team Foundation Servers' build to do automated deployments of new builds and run regression tests. Finally, you'll see how testers can file rich, actionable bugs that developers can use to easily find, fix, and eliminate the bug.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will discover:

  • What is Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management
  • What is Team Foundation Server 2010 & Test Manager 2010
  • How do you define a Lab Management topology
  • How to create Lab Management Environments and create automated builds
  • How do you run automated tests after you deploy a new build
  • How do testers file rich actionable bugs
  • How to developers use these bug reports with IntelliTrace® to find bugs quickly

Course Outline

  • Lab Management Topology

    • What is Lab Management
    • What software do you need
    • What hardware do you need
    • What is a Lab Management Environment
  • Lab Management and Team Build

    • Creating automated builds
    • Creating workflow builds that deploy to Lab Management Environments
    • Running automated tests in Lab Management Environments
  • Developer and Tester Collaboration

    • How Testers file rich, actionable bugs
    • How Developers use IntelliTrace® with Lab Management to fix bugs faster