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1-3 day (9 HOUR TRAINING):

Visual Studio, SQL Server & Reporting Services: 6 High Impact Training Sessions


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This high-impact series of training webinars is for anyone who wants to leverage Visual Studio, SQL Server and Reporting Services best practices- learning what works, what doesn't and why. These sessions are for developers, architects and managers who want to know how and (more importantly) when to leverage the power and benefits of SQL Server and Reporting Services.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will discover:

  • An interactive training experience using exercises distributed prior to the sessions
  • Personalized attention from industry-expert William Vaughn
  • Two best-selling books and the opportunity to ask questions throughout the sessions
  • Easy-access to session recordings immediately after each webinar

Course Outline

  • SQL Foundations

    • Understanding the SQL Server service
    • Understanding the Query Optimizer
    • Understanding the support tools
    • Managing Users and Rights
  • Connecting to SQL

    • Connection Strategies
    • Establishing a Connection
    • Managing the Connection Pool
    • Managing Service State
  • Hierarchical TableAdapters

    • Understanding Disconnected Data
    • Understanding the Table Adapter
    • Building Custom TableAdapter Solutions
    • Leveraging Stored Procedures with Hierarchical TableAdapters
  • Reporting Services Foundations

    • Understanding Reporting Services
    • Managing Data Sources
    • Building Business Intelligence Solutions
    • Creating and Managing Report Subscriptions
    • Managing Users, Groups and Rights
  • Reporting: Advanced Topics

    • nstalling and Configuring Reporting Services Preparing the Development Server and Workstation
    • Building New Reports from Scratch
    • Specifying and Capturing Parameters
    • Managing Code-driven Expressions
    • Other Advanced Techniques
  • Report Viewer Control

    • S Exploring the ReportViewer Class
    • Managing Local and Server-side Reports
    • Managing Parameters
    • Creating Click-Through Reports
    • Implementing Code-behind