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1-3 day (9 HOUR TRAINING):

Why IT Projects Suck


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Let's face facts: IT projects suck. It's not the project managers that suck, but all of the ever-changing business needs, hardware compatibility, software glitches, security holes, and network bandwidth, not to mention careers, attitudes, and office politics.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Ensure your IT project stays on track, within time - and on budget
  • Keep your team motivated - and address challenges along the way
  • Clearly define clearly a project's parameters and goals
  • Deal with change - and successfully steer an IT project to completion
  • Discuss why IT projects suck and what to do about it

Course Outline

  • Initiating the IT Project

    • Why IT Projects are awful
    • Gathering project requirements and needs
    • Identifying IT project objectives, requirements and constraints
  • Planning the IT Project

    • Projects fail at the beginning, not the end
    • Planning is iterative
    • Communicating the project intentions
  • Executing the IT Project

    • Hosting a status meeting
    • Creating a Requirements Management System
    • Updating the project based on change
  • Monitoring and Controlling the IT Project

    • Establishing project authority
    • Managing conflict on the project team
    • Correcting and preventing mistakes
  • Closing the IT Project

    • Transferring benefits to the organization
    • Obtaining project sign-off
    • Creating the final project report