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Beginning Android Development

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The Android platform is the fastest growing mobile development platform in the world. With Android phones being produced by all of the major phone manufacturers, and the addition of new tablet devices, the platform will only continue to grow. PBTech’s 5-day Android Programming course will teach application development for the Android Development using the Java Programming Language and the Eclipse Development Environment. This course will include basic application development including use of the Android phone camera, geolocation tools, and playing audio and video files. Android developers are in extremely high demand. In just 5 days this course will help programmers build the requisite skills for entry level jobs in the high-paying Android Development Industry.


Familiarity with the Windows Operating System. Experience programming in the Java programming language is helpful, but not required.

Course Outline

    • Day 1- Setting up Android Projects and Virtual Devices

      • Getting Started -- Hello World
      • Setting up the Java Development Environment
      • The Android SDK
      • Creating a Simple Form Application
      • Running Applications in the Emulator
      • Creating an XML Application Layout
      • Code to an XML Layout
      • Button Controls
      • Check Boxes
      • Radio Buttons
    • Day 2- Application Layout and More Controls

      • Linear Layout
      • Relative Layout
      • Table Layouts
      • Spinners
      • Scrolling
      • List Controls
      • Labels
      • Methods and Properties for Controls and Layout
      • Working with Keyboard Input
    • Day 3- Creating More Complete Applications

      • Creating Menus with XML
      • Menu Options with XML
      • Fonts
      • Working with the Built-in Browser
      • Multi-Threaded Applications
      • The Application Life Cycle
      • Activities and Subactivities
      • Rotation Resources
    • Day 4- Creating More Complete Applications

      • Content Provides
      • Creating Services
      • Permissions
      • Location Based Services
      • MapActivity and MapView
      • Working with Different Mobile Devices
      • Platform Changes
    • Day 5- Application Development Workshop and Lab

      • Introducing the Slot Machine Lab
      • Examining the Assets for the Slot Machine Lab
      • The Slot Machine Application Structure
      • Coding the Slot Machine Application (Integrative Lab)