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Building Teams that Thrive


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Building Teams that Thrive at the Pace of Change

Janelle Brittain, MBA, CSP

How well does your company meet the "Teams Challenge"? (Check all that apply)

  • Coordination is a problem: the "right hand" doesn't know what the "left hand" is doing
  • Quality depends on cooperation? and your people aren't
  • Departments that are interdependent are inconsiderate of one another
  • Change is happening so fast, we are not sure how to relate to each other anymore
  • Wish your people could work together better?
  • Too much to do and not enough people to do it?
  • Good employees are being stolen away by other companies
  • Need for them to go to the next level of effectiveness and productivity?
  • You've tried evertything else, and nothing has worked.
If you're struggling to make your teams work, you're not alone. Many companies have turned to teams as a way to increase productivity, keep valuable employees and make better use of their human assets. Despite their good intentions, many failied to achieve the results they expected. The following is a list of some of the team building programs Janelle Brittain offers:


  • Increasing team ability to work together
  • Creating interdepartmental cooperation
  • Competition vs. cooperation
  • Working together to serve the customer better
  • Motivating everyone to participate and share the load
  • Team assessment for continual improvement in cooperation
  • Building Trust: Understanding Synergy Builders and learning to avoid Synergy Busters


  • Learn to "Speak the Language" of the other person, i.e. getting all of the personalities on the team to communicate better (& work together better)
  • How to run great meetings that get results and don't waste time
  • Beyond words: how to listen for the real meaning
  • Creating clear communications
  • How to ask questions to teach people to think, get the information you need and get your desired results
  • Handling emotional communications
  • Informal communications, spontaneous meetings and other tools to increase team communications


  • Re-building your teams after mergers
  • Helping your team through change
  • How to increase creativity and constructiveness in problem solving
  • Using problem solving and conflict management to build a team
  • The effect of pressure on how a team functions
  • How to handle emotionally charged team meetings
  • How to deal with or remove a disruptive team member


  • How to decide who should have the power and make the decisions: answering empowerment questions
  • Assessing the rights and responsibilities of an individual within the team
  • Self directed teams
  • The In vs. the Out group


  • What type of leadership is most appropriate for which type of team?
  • Finding out what motivates people
  • How to get commitment to the goal and vision
  • How to build trust in a team
  • Building team spirit
  • Leading vs. following
  • Some cautions on team building
  • Team leadership: a new skill

Over 200 hours developed


Included in our fee is customizing of the program to the goals for your team. Janelle interviews a sampling of 3 or 4 of your participants in order to learn about your goals and challenges.

This experience will not only bring your group tighter, but it will create a continuing learning experience that the participants will reflect on for a lifetime. We hope to have the opportunity to help create that experience for you and your group.

"Very good tie to business activities - relates to job."
-Manager, Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Janelle Brittain, MBA, CSP


Janelle Brittain has worked on both effective and ineffective teams over her 30 years of business experience. In her mission to make sure all teams function at their peak, Janelle wrote the book, "Star Team Dynamics: 12 Lessons Learned from Experienced Team Builders." She has also been an Associate to the University of North Texas - Center for the Study of Work Teams. She uses a mixture of her acting abilities, business acumen and psychological analysis skills to bring together fun and learning in her programs. Her content is based on real work applications which can be used immediately with the participant's teams. Each program is customized based on the needs, concerns and goals of the client.

She holds an Executive MBA and is a Certified Speaking Professional, the highest earned designation from the National Speakers Association. She spent ten years in sales for XEROX and Control Data. During this time, she created techniques, which skyrocketed her to top performer nationwide with both companies. She established the Dynamic Performance Institute in 1989, to share these techniques with others. Since then she has helped many Fortune 100 companies such as Chrysler, Ameritech and IBM, as well as government agencies and hot entrepreneurial companies.

Janelle has also published five other books and has produced a training film and a number of CD's and DVD's. Business publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily, New York Times and Crain's Chicago's Business seek Janelle's insight. During her 20 years as an internationally known consultant, speaker, facilitator and trainer, she has helped tens of thousands in team building, management, communications, handling change, and productivity. Her more than 300 clients include the largest of the large and the smallest of the small, i.e. from IBM to bright entrepreneurial start-ups.

Client comments...

  • "You took us from being just a group of individuals to a vivacious team with open communications."
    Board Member, Roosevelt University
  • "Because of Janelle Brittain's guidance and training my company has one of the strongest, most productive teams it has ever had."
    Victoria Rock, CEO, Victoria Court Reporting
  • "In an industry wracked by change, difficult communication and burnout. It is refreshing to have a presenter who can offer a different perspective. Janelle's three programs were highlights of this year's conference. A full 97% of participants gave Janelle the highest rating."
    Michael Kulczycki, Executive Director - Illinois Homecare Council