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Adobe InDesign Boot Camp: 6-part Comprehensive Training Course

Price: $999

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Adobe InDesign Boot Camp: 6-part Comprehensive Training Course

Delivery Method: Instructor-Led, Classroom


Adobe InDesign is a great way for you to create engaging page layouts for print and digital media with its built-in creative tools and precise control over typography. Join our expert instructor, Penny LaLiberte, for this 6-part interactive webinar on:

  • Essential InDesign Skills You Can Use Right Away
  • How to Build Documents with Master Pages
  • Text, Type, Styles, Graphics & Effects with InDesign
  • Great Ways to Add Color in Your Documents
  • How to Create an Interactive PDF and SWF from InDesign
  • Crucial Guidelines Regarding Saving & Exporting
  • CS5.5 - New Features & ePub Publishing Functions

Program Benefits

This 6-part, 3-day webinar will provide you and your colleagues with the skills to assimilate InDesign into your print & web design efforts.

Program Highlights

  • Day 1 - Getting to Know Adobe InDesign

    • Getting to Know Adobe InDesign CS5 - Tools, Panels, and the Work Area
    • InDesign Fundaments & Crucial Functions for You Projects
    • Create New Documents - Facing Pages, Multi-Columns, Spreads & More
    • How to Create a Layout with Frames
  • Afternoon - Hands on Training: Designing a Multi-page Newsletter

    • How to Design a Multi-page News Letter
    • Create Master Pages for Page Numbering & Document Control
    • How to Place Type & Images
    • Create and Save Styles (Paragraph, Character & Object)

  • Day 2 - Build On and Get Deeper with Type, Color & Special Effects

    • How to Import Text and Control Text Flow
    • Essential Functions with the Story Editor
    • Special Characters, Page Numbers, Jump Links & More
    • Font Control & Mission Font: What You Need to Know
  • Afternoon - Color in InDesign, Special Effects & Overlapping with Photoshop

    • Color in InDesign - Process Color, RGB, Spot & Tints
    • Learn to Create Custom Vector Objects
    • Add Special Effects to Your InDesign Objects, Frames & Text
    • Create Pull Quotes, Drop Caps and Glyphs & Ligatures
    • Work with Photoshop's Clipping Paths & Alpha Channels

  • Day 3 - Interactive Documents, Publishing & Advanced Topics

    • Placing Native Photoshop, EPS, TIFF, PDF, JPGS & other INDD Files
    • The Links Panel & What You Need to Know About It
    • How to Share Assets with the Library
    • Ways to Use the Find & Change Panel for Advanced Replacements
  • Afternoon - Advanced Features with Adobe InDesign

    • How to Assemble an e-Book from Multiple InDesign Files
    • Create Interactive PDF for Online Use - Video, Buttons, Transitions & Links
    • InDesign CS5.5: New Features for Creating ePub Books on Mobile Devices

  • Question & Answer Session - Have All of Your InDesign Questions Answered!


Penny LaLiberte is an independent website designer in Alpharetta, GA As the owner of Creative Website Solutions, which was founded in 1999, Penny has been able to offer professional website design to provide businesses with a competitive edge. Additionally, Penny's experience includes:

  • An Adobe Certified Instructor where she teaches classes such as Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, Captivate and more.
  • Software consulting in a corporate setting as a team member working on large websites.
  • Program Developer, also in a corporate setting.