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Implementing CISCO Unified Communications Voice over IP and QOS V8.0 (CVOICE 8.0)

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In this course, you'll gain an understanding of converged voice and data networks and the challenges faced by various network technologies. Addressing design, planning, and deployment practices, you will gain comprehensive hands-on experience configuring and deploying VoIP networks.

In addition to the knowledge and skills required to integrate gateways into an enterprise VoIP network, you'll learn how to build and test a sophisticated IP telephony network that you can use as a template for a real deployment.

Course Overview

What You'll Learn

  • VoIP, components of a VoIP network, VoIP protocols, special requirements for VoIP calls, and Codecs
  • Configure gateway interconnections to support VoIP and PSTN calls
  • Basic signaling protocols used on voice gateways
  • Configure a gateway to support calls using different call control and signaling protocols
  • Define a dial plan, describing the purpose of each dial plan component, and implement a dial plan on a voice gateway
  • Implement a Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) gateway to connect to an Internet Telephony Service Provider
  • Exclusive - Investigate the use of various traditional telephony connections, such as FXS, FXO, E&M, T1 (CAS and PRI), and E1 (CAS and PRI)
  • Configure and troubleshoot Cisco's new ISR routers (2811s) and explore their DSP configuration (PVDM2-32 cards)
  • Configure H.323 gateways and gatekeepers and review their functions and operation
  • Configure Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP)
  • Experience G.711, G.723, and G.729 voice coding schemes
  • Configure Call Admission Control three different ways
  • Configure proper Caller ID
  • Experience real-world connections to PBXs, Key Telephone Systems, and the PSTN
  • Configure your router/gateway equipment to connect to our public dial plan network using different call control protocols and procedures

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Voice Gateways

    • Cisco UC Networks and the Role of Gateways
    • Gateway Call Routing and Call Legs
    • DSP Functionality, Codecs, and Codec Complexity
    • Gateway Voice Ports Configuration
  • VoIP Call Legs

    • VoIP Call Leg Characteristics
    • VoIP Media Transmission
    • H.323 Signaling Protocol
    • SIP Signaling Protocol
    • MGCP Signaling Protocol
    • Requirements for VoIP Call Legs
    • VoIP Call Legs Configuration
  • Communications Manager Express Endpoints Implementation

    • Endpoint Requirements
    • Endpoint Configuration
  • Dial Plan Implementation

    • Call Routing and Dial Plans
    • Digit Manipulation
    • Path Selection Configuration
    • Calling Privileges Configuration
  • Gatekeeper and CUBE Implementation

    • Fundamentals of Gatekeepers
    • Cisco Unified Border Element
  • QoS

    • QoS Mechanisms and Models
    • Classification, Marking, and Link Efficiency Mechanisms
    • Managing Congestion and Rate Limiting
    • Cisco AutoQoS