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Advanced Perl: Database-Drive Websites (725)

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Building on PB Tech's other acclaimed Perl course, Advanced Perl teaches the Perl skills you need to rapidly and efficiently develop complex, database-driven Web applications.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Develop faster with CGI.pm shortcuts
  • Build database-driven Web applications with the DBI module
  • Remember users with cookies
  • Design a convenient user interface
  • Keep scripts platform-independent


710 Introduction to CGI Scripting with Perl

Course Outline

  • Introduction

    • The Database Used for the Class
    • A Note About Your Files
  • Shortcuts with CGI.pm

    • Tired of Printing "Content-type" and HTML Tags?
    • Object-Oriented vs. Method-Oriented Perl
    • A More Detailed Example
    • A Template for Creating Your Own Scripts
    • Exercise 1: Using CGI.pm Shortcuts
  • Working with Arrays

    • splice
    • shift
    • unshift
    • push
    • pop
    • Mini-Exercise: Practicing with Array Functions
  • Keep it Portable!

    • The File:Basename Module and $0
    • The Cwd Module
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    • Avoiding Variable Confusion with my and local
    • Mini-Exercise: Using use strict and my
  • Connecting to a Database

    • Server Architecture
    • A Review of Database Concepts
  • DBI.pm: the Database Interface Module

    • A Sample CGI Script Using DBI
    • Exercise 2: Listing Houses from the Database
  • Error Handling and Prevention

    • Example: Find Agents by Last Name
    • A More Complete Error-Handling Example
    • Exercise 3: Error-Protecting a Search Script
  • Multi-Table Queries

  • Drill-Down Links

    • A More Sophisticated Example
    • Exercise 4: Building Drill-Down Links
  • Inserting Records

    • Building a Dynamic Drop-Down Menu
    • Exercise 5: Inserting a House into the Database
  • Updating Database Records

    • Exercise 6: Updating a House Record
  • Deleting Records

    • Exercise 7: Deleting a House from the Database
  • Uploading Files with CGI.pm

    • Review: Writing to Files in Perl
    • Special Features of File Upload Forms
    • Special Features of the Upload Processing Script
    • Exercise 8: Uploading House Photos
  • File Test Operators

    • Example: a Directory Map
    • Exercise 9: Add Links to House Photos
  • Working with Cookies

    • An Example Page Using Cookies
    • Creating Cookies with CGI.pm
    • Retrieving Cookies with CGI.pm
    • Assigning Arrays to Cookies and Retrieving Them
    • Other Parameters that can be Passed to the cookie() Method
    • Creating Multiple Cookies
    • Exercise 10: Remembering Visitors with Cookies
  • Appendix A: Creating a System DSN

    • How to Create a DSN
  • An Overview of SQL

    • Data Types in SQL
    • Creating a Table in SQL
    • Inserting a Row into the Table in SQL
    • Inserting a Partial Row (or Fields in a Different Order) in SQL
    • Retrieving Information from the Database via SELECT
    • Editing Records in the Database with the UPDATE Statement
    • Removing Records from the Database with the DELETE Statement
  • Downloading Perl Modules

    • Windows: Perl Package Manager
    • UNIX: CPAN.pm
  • Security and Taint Mode

    • Solution: Scrub Your Data with Regular Expressions
    • Ensuring Data Scrubbing with Taint Mode