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Intermediate SQL Server & Reporting Services: 6 High-Impact Training Sessions

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This high-impact series of training webinars builds on the foundations established in the "Introduction to SQL Server and Reporting Services" workshop. This training is ideal for anyone who wants to leverage their use of SQL Server Reporting Services, Report Builder, and Visual Studio's Business Intelligence (BI) tools in a corporate environment.

These intermediate-level sessions help developers, database administrators, architects, and managers who want to know how and (more importantly) when to leverage the power and benefits of SQL Server and Reporting Services. You will delve into the report development tools used to design, create, manage, and protect reports and the data they expose. These sessions contain essential content that applies to all recent versions of SQL Server and Reporting Services, including the latest 2012 release.

Course Overview

Benefits of this exclusive six-session webinar training series include:

  • Personalized attention from the SQL industry expert, William Vaughn.
  • Hands-on exercises, distributed prior to the sessions to help you understand Reporting Services and the report development tools, including Report Builder.
  • Up-to-date information on the latest versions of Report Services, as well as pragmatic tips and techniques that can be used with all versions.
  • Interaction between students and instructor, with the opportunity to ask questions throughout the sessions.
  • Easy-access to session recordings immediately after each webinar, to ensure that you can re-watch anything you may have missed.

  • *Bonus* You will receive copies of two of the instructor's textbooks: "Hitchhiker's Guide to SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services" & "Hitchhiker's Guide to Visual Studio and SQL Server"


It is recommended that attendees take the "Introduction to SQL Server and Reporting Services" course prior to this event, as the Intermediate class builds upon the foundational materials covered in the Introductory course.

Course Outline

  • SQL Foundations for Reporting

    • Understanding the SQL Server service
    • Understanding the Query Optimizer for OLTP and Report Queries
    • Understanding the SQL Server Tool Suite
    • Understanding the SQL Server Database Security
  • Reporting Services Foundations

    • Understanding Reporting Services' Architecture and Implementation
    • Building Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions and Projects using Visual Studio
    • An overview of Reporting Services SharePoint Integration
    • Understanding Shared Data Sources, DataSets and Report Parts
    • Understanding Report Access Security
  • Report Builder Foundations

    • Installing and Configuring Report Builder Versions 2 & 3
    • Building New Reports
    • Leveraging Existing Reports
    • Specifying and Capturing Parameters
    • Saving, Testing and Protecting Reports
  • Report Manager Alternatives

    • SQL Server's 2005-2008 "Native" Report Manager
    • SQL Server's 2008 R2-2012 "Native" Report Manager
    • Working with SharePoint Integrated Mode
    • Building a Visual Studio Report Project
    • Backing up and Restoring the Reporting Services Catalog
  • Reporting: Advanced Topics

    • Creating and Managing Report Subscriptions and Snapshots
    • Managing Parameters and Pick Lists
    • Optimizing Report and System Performance
    • Managing Code-driven Report Expressions
    • Creating and Deploying Visual Studio Code Integrated Projects
  • Report Viewer Control

    • Exploring the ReportViewer Class
    • Building Custom Applications with the ReportViewer
    • Managing Local and Server-side Reports
    • Handling Parameters, Exceptions and Special Requirements
    • Creating Report-Based UI Applications