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Introduction to PHP (750)

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PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a cross-platform scripting language that is particularly well-suited for Web development. PB Tech's Introduction to PHP will start by introducing students to the fundamentals of the PHP language and how to set PHP up on a server and continue through most of the common server-side functionality incorporated in modern Web sites. The course uses a MySQL database, and there is a demonstration of how to use PHP to work with other databases as well.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Set up PHP and a MySQL database
  • Understand and write syntactically correct PHP
  • Create pages that respond to form submissions
  • Maintain state with cookies and sessionse
  • Automatically generate emails
  • Read and write files on the server
  • Connect to a database
  • Search for and display records from a database
  • Insert, modify and delete records from a database through Web forms
  • Validate user input with regular expressions
  • Create modular, reusable code by writing user-defined functions


106 PB Tech Capstone Series: Web Fundamentals & Design

Course Outline

  • Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP): A Web Server-Side Technology

    • Client-Side vs. Server-Side Web Technologies
    • The Web's Client-Server Relationship
    • Which Web Servers Support PHP?
  • Writing PHP Pages

    • PHP Code In An HTML Context
    • PHP Statements
    • Enclosing Scripting Code within your PHP Pages
    • Strings in PHP
    • Developing PHPs in This Class
    • An Example: “Hello World”
    • Conditional Constructs with “if”
    • Comparison Operators in PHP
    • The Logical AND (&&) and OR (||)
    • Exercise 1: Adding a Greeting and Date and Time Stamps to a Page
  • Processing Data from Online Forms

    • The <FORM> Tag and Its Attributes
    • Scalar Variables in PHP
    • Demonstration: Displaying a Customized Greeting
    • Combining the Form and Its Processing Code In One PHP File
    • Exercise 2: Personalizing the Homepage for WLDC
  • Working with Cookies

    • Setting a Cookie
    • Retrieving a Cookie
    • Example: Setting, Retrieving, and Expiring a Cookie
    • Exercise 3: Enhance the WLDC Home Page With Cookies
  • Maintaining State with Sessions

    • Sessions
    • Storing and Retrieving Session Values
    • Example: Using the Session Object to Track a Shopping Cart
    • Exercise 4: Building a Shopping Cart for WLDC
  • Email with PHP

    • Sending E-mail PHP
    • Exercise 5: Implementing CDONTS E-mail at WLDC
  • Writing To A Text File

    • Example: Writing to a Tab-Delimited File
    • Example: Reading from a tab-delimited text file
    • Exercise 6: Storing Registrations in a Tab-Delimited Text File
  • Loop Structures

    • For Loops
    • Foreach Loops
    • While Loops
  • Database Integration with PHP

    • The Databases Used in this Class
    • Issuing Database Commands with SQL
    • Example: Selecting and Viewing Data From guestbook.mdb
    • Connecting and Issuing Commands to the Database
    • Displaying Database Results
    • Exercise 7: Building a Search Engine Interface
  • Working with Meta Information from a Database

    • Object-Oriented PHP
    • Exercise 8: Enhancing the Search Form
    • Exercise 9: Enhance the Registration Form to Insert a New Client
    • Development Strategy Session: Building an Interface for Updating Client Records
    • Exercise 10: Building an Interface for Updating Client Records
  • User-Defined Functions in PHP

    • Functions
    • Exercise 11: Using Functions to Validate Form Submissions
  • Regular Expressions

    • Character Types and Ranges
    • Quantity Indicators
    • Location Indicators
    • Regular Expressions in PHP
    • Exercise 12: Validating Form Data with Regular Expressions
  • Drilling Down and the Query String

    • Building the Query String into a Link
    • Generating Drill Down Links Dynamically
    • Exercise 13: Drilling Down Client Data
  • Installing PHP

  • Installing MySQL