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Cloud Computing: Developing a Compliant Strategy that Reduces Cost & Risk

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One-size-fits-all does not fit an Enterprise's needs. Today's world requires a converged delivery model, sourced across traditional, private, and public cloud offerings. A converged cloud strategy provides simplicity, speed, reduced cost and risk, and compliance.

The full breadth of converged cloud solutions are required by Enterprise's, service providers, governments, and developers. Cloud solutions help you deliver information, applications, and infrastructure anywhere for a cloud environment that's flexible and "change-ready". It is also tailored to your business or agency.

In this interactive, introductory-level course, you will gain a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts and architecture of cloud computing, as well as the design and deployment of a cloud computing platform. You will learn about the evolution of the cloud, and its ability to increase processing power and bandwith capabilities. You will learn who's who in cloud computing, the products & services they offer, and common platforms and applications. You will examine both the pros and cons of implementing a cloud computing platform, including the financial benefits and security risks. Over the two days, you will gain a solid understanding of cloud computing standards and best practices.

Course Overview

  • Essential elements of cloud computing
  • Pros and cons of cloud computing
  • Who's who in cloud computing - products & services they offer
  • Business case for converting to the cloud
  • Building virtualized environments
  • Virtualization architecture
  • Products used to implement virtualization architecture
  • Security & privacy issues with cloud computing
  • Federation and presence
  • Cloud computing standards and best practices
  • Platforms & applications used by cloud computing end users
  • How mobile devices can be used in the cloud
  • Course Outline

    • Introduction to Cloud Computing

      • What is Cloud Computing?
      • Benefits and Limitations of Cloud Computing
      • How Companies are Using Cloud Computing
      • Cloud Computing Risks and Issues
      • Videos - Intel Cloud builders
    • Virtualization and the Cloud

      • Virtualization History
      • Virtualization Advantages
      • VMWare Overview
      • Virtualization for Security
      • Exercise - Installing a Virtual Machine
      • Videos - Virtualization
    • Cloudonomics

      • The Business Case for Virtualization and the Cloud
      • What Should be Moved to the Cloud
      • What Should not be Moved to the Cloud
      • Cloudonomics
      • Exercise - Google Docs
      • Video - Cloudonomics
    • Cloud In-Depth

      • Cloud Computing Architecture
      • Cloud Applications
      • Cloud In-Depth
      • Cloud Brokers
      • Mainframe Cloud Computing
      • Videos - Cloud Monitoring
    • Cloud Providers & Case Studies

      • Case Studies
      • AT&T Cloud Services
      • HP Converged Cloud
      • Exercise - using Amazon Web Services
      • Videos - Cloud providers
    • The Government & the Cloud

      • DISA Cloud
      • FedRAMP
      • GSA Cloud
      • Army Cloud
      • Videos - USAF Cloud
    • End-User Access to the Cloud

      • Advantages & Disadvantages
      • Clients - RDP, Citrix, VNC, Thin Client, Smartphone
      • Exercise - Using Cloud Storage
      • Videos - Cloud Clients
    • Cloud Security

      • Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)
      • National Institute of Standards (NIST)
      • Security Issues in Cloud Computing
      • Detailed Cloud Security
      • Videos - Cloud Security
    • CompTIA Cloud Essentials Test Preparation

      • This course will thoroughly prepare students to pass the CompTIA CLO-001 test
      • Will summarize the course, whether students test or not.