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Introduction to Structured Query Language & Database Design (815)

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Databases drive nearly every Internet and Intranet Web site. PB Tech's Introduction to SQL and Database Design class teaches you how to master their power through a thorough grounding in SQL and sound database design fundamentals. This course is designed for people with no relational database experience. The database that we use for the class is MySQL, an open source product that is gaining in popularity in the industry. However, the concepts are basic enough that they transfer easily to any standard database product that abides by the ANSI standards.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Understand database vocabulary
  • Use queries to access information in the database
  • Implement aggregate functions and calculations
  • Use joins
  • Modify the data in the database
  • Apply views to shield users from underlying data complexity
  • Create, edit, and drop tables
  • Incorporate relational database concepts and data modeling
  • Ensure data quality

Course Outline

  • Introduction: Databases and the Web

    • Overview
    • The File System
    • Databases and the ACID Test
  • Overview of Relational Databases and SQL

    • What is a Relational Database?
    • Tables
    • Columns
    • Rows
    • Talking to the Database using SQL
    • SQL History and Major DBMS vendors
    • Queries and Recordsets
  • Anatomy of a Simple Query

    • The Basic Query
    • The WHERE Clause
    • Additional Rules for SQL Statements
    • Selecting All Columns
    • Select Distinct
    • ORDER BY
  • Enhancing Queries

    • Extended WHERE Conditions
    • Calculated Columns: Doing Math in Select Statements
    • Aliases…or Name that Column!
  • Functions

    • Text Functions Case-insensitive Searches
    • Text manipulation functions
  • Date Functions

    • Date Formats
    • Date Functions
  • Numeric Functions

    • TRUNCATE(number, decimals)
    • ROUND(number, decimal)
  • Aggregate Functions

  • Fine-Tuning Aggregate Functions

    • GROUP BY
    • The HAVING Clause
  • Querying Data across Multiple Tables

  • Query within a Query

    • Subqueries
  • Data Manipulation: INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE

    • INSERT Statements
  • UPDATE Statements

  • DELETE Statements

  • Database Definition SQL

  • Data Integrity: Controlling What Goes Into a Database

    • Establishing a Primary Key
    • Auto-numbered Columns
    • Creating Foreign Keys
    • NOT NULL
    • DEFAULT Values
    • UNIQUE
    • INDEX
    • Renaming Tables or Columns
    • Adding or Deleting Columns
  • Reusing Queries as Views

  • Database Design

    • Data Modeling
    • Handling more than one phone number
    • Relationships Between Tables
    • Normalization
    • Many-to-Many Relationships
    • Tying It All Together: Creating The Movies Database
    • Capstone Project: Design a Database
    • A Possible Solution to Capstone Project:
  • Appendix A: The Campsales Database

    Appendix B: Recommended Resources