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This Capstone series is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of building modern web pages with the upcoming standards. Labs with exercises are included in each days training. After completing this course, students will be able to:

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will:

  • Understand the fundamentals HTML 5 and CSS3
  • Know how to create HTML 5 web pages
  • Know how to enhance web pages with CSS3
  • Understand the fundamentals HTML 5 and CSS3
  • Know how to create HTML 5 web pages Know how to enhance web pages with CSS3

Course Outline

  • What Is HTML and Editing and Viewing HTML Files

    • Understanding HTML Tags
    • Understanding Cascading Style Sheets
    • Why Learn HTML in Notepad?
    • Previewing a Web Page in a Web Browser
    • Making, Saving, and Viewing Changes
  • Setting Up the Document Structure and Text Formatting via Tags

    • Specifying the Document Type
    • Creating the HTML, Head, and Body Sections
    • Creating Paragraphs and Line Breaks
    • Specifying a Page Title and Metatags
    • Creating Headings
  • Using Lists and Backgrounds and Creating Hyperlinks and Anchors

    • Creating Bulleted , Numbered Lists and Definition Lists
    • Inserting Special Characters
    • Choosing Background , Foreground Colors and specifying a Background Image File
    • Hyperlinking to a Web Page, E-Mail Address and Creating and Hyperlinking to Anchors
    • Hyperlinking to Other Content
  • Formatting Text and Paragraphs by Using Style Sheets

    • Understanding Styles and Constructing Style Rules
    • Creating Styles for Nested Tags, Classes and IDs for Applying Styles
    • Applying Styles to Hyperlinks
    • Creating and Linking to External Style Sheets
    • Creating Inline Spans
  • Displaying Graphics

    • Selecting a Graphics Format and Preparing Graphics for Web Use
    • Inserting Graphics and Arranging Elements on the Page
    • Controlling Image Size and Padding
    • Hyperlinking from Graphics and Using Thumbnail Graphics
    • Including Alternate Text for Graphics and Adding Figure Captions
  • Creating Navigational Aids and Creating Division-Based Layouts

    • Creating a Text-Based Navigation Bar and Creating a Graphical Navigation Bar
    • Creating an Image Map
    • Understanding HTML5 Semantic Tags
    • Creating Divisions and Creating an HTML5 Semantic Layout
    • Positioning Divisions and Formatting Divisions
  • Creating and Formatting Tables

    • Creating a Simple Table
    • Using Tables for Page Layout
    • Applying Table Borders
    • Applying Background and Foreground Fills
    • Changing Cell Padding, Spacing, and Alignment
  • Creating User Forms and Incorporating Sound and Video

    • Creating a Basic Form
    • Additional Input Types in HTML5
    • Understanding CGI and Other Advanced Tools
    • Embedding Video Clips
    • Incorporating Audio on a Web Page