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Web 2.0: Business Strategies

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Are you trying to figure out Web 2.0? Enterprise 2.0? Government 2.0? This course delivers a concise, business-critical overview of social media on the Web and how it is transforming the foundations of society and business. It introduces the business strategies, product design principles and technologies that are driving today’s dynamic marketplace.

Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and a host of other technologies are changing the way society interacts with information and each other. This has profound implications for all organizations. Web technology has opened great new opportunities to reach your customers and establish a community. Every facet of your organization can benefit from harnessing the power of these new collaborative strategies and technologies. This Web 2.0 training course provides you with the clear understanding you need to begin to leverage these powerful tools.

Web 2.0: Business Strategies” is a five-hour virtual classroom that introduces “Web 2.0” and explains the business strategies and product design patterns that produce competitive advantage on the Web. It walks you through the “Seven C’s of Web 2.0” and demonstrates the strategies that organizations are using to build success. While only dipping into the technology details when necessary, this course shows how the Web is transforming society and business and explains the mechanics of leveraging the Web platform effectively.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Define “Web 2.0” and explain the importance of network effects.
  • Explain how the “cloud as platform” is changing society, business, and products.
  • Describe how content and products are developed, distributed, and managed differently on the Web.
  • Explain how Widgets work and how they help build your Web presence.
  • Explain how the “constantly connected” aspect of the cloud radically changes product development.
  • Discuss the power of open APIs and how they turn the cloud into a collaborative workspace.
  • List strategies businesses and organizations are using to harness collective intelligence.
  • Describe the “power of social” and list examples of social networking platforms and strategies.
  • List the strategies that organizations can use to build community around their brand, product, or services.
  • Develop a community strategy for your organization.
  • Describe the new currencies and how companies are making money on the Web.
  • Discuss Enterprise 2.0, Government 2.0, and their opportunities and challenges.
  • Explain the Semantic Web and other candidates for the “Web 3.0” moniker.


Comfortable using the Internet

Course Outline

  • Introduction

    • Web 2.0 Defined
    • Network Effects
    • The Seven C’s
  • Cloud

    • Cloud as Platform
    • SaaS
    • PaaS
    • Lab: Create a presentation in Google Docs
  • Content

    • Content is the new but different king
    • New Development-Distribution-Management models
    • Loosely controlling content
    • Implicit data – the Database of Intentions
    • Content Presentation (Ajax, Flash, Silverlight)
    • Widgets for Business
    • Lab: Design a Killer Widget
  • Connected

    • Perpetual Beta– the business implications
    • Simple, open Web standards (brief overview)
    • Blogs and RSS (brief overview)
    • Set Network Effects as Default
    • Allow Users to Add Value
    • Device Agnostic Design
    • iPhone and other emerging platforms
    • Lab: Connected Product Development
  • Collaborative

    • Opening Up – APIs
    • Mashups - business opportunities
    • Harnessing collective intelligence
      • Dissecting Digg.com
      • Wikipedia vandalism example
      • Other examples
    • Lab: Collaborative Data
  • Community

    • Power of social – Delicious bookmarks example
    • Tagging
    • Social Networks
    • Building Community – Your platform or public platforms
    • Community Strategy Checklist
    • Cloud distribution models
    • Lab: Build Your Community Strategy
  • Currencies & Commerce

    • Social currencies and Content currencies
    • Making money in the cloud
    • The Long Tail explained
    • Lab: Tickle Your Long Tail
  • Looking Forward

    • Enterprise 2.0
    • Government 2.0
    • The Semantic Web
  • Summary

    • Win in the Web 2.0 World
    • Web 2.0 Product Patterns
    • Recommended Reading List