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Adobe Acrobat Fundamentals

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In this hands-on instructor-led Adobe Acrobat 9 training course you will learn how to create PDFs using all of Acrobatís regular features including the ability to modify and edit existing PDF files and make PDF documents that are compliant with accessibility guidelines.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Convert all popular file types into PDF format
  • Create PDFs from Web pages
  • Control PDF output quality
  • Modify and Edit existing PDF files
  • Make PDF documents accessible


Familiarity with Web browsers and the Windows user interface

Course Outline

  • Introducing Acrobat

    • About Adobe PDF
    • Adobe PDF on the Web
    • Designing documents for online viewing
  • Getting to Know the Work Area

    • Opening the work file
    • Using Acrobat tools, toolbars, and task buttons
    • Using the navigation pane and tabs
    • Using context menus
    • About the onscreen display
    • Setting up a work area
    • Using the navigation controls in the status bar
    • Following Links
  • Converting Microsoft Office Files

    • Converting a Word document to PDF
    • Converting and emailing a PowerPoint presentation
    • Converting an Excel document
    • Converting and attaching a file in Microsoft Office
    • Converting Web pages from Internet Explorer
  • Converting Files to Adobe PDF

    • Using the Create PDF command
    • Converting and combining different types of files
    • Using the Print command to create PDF files
    • Searching a PDF file
  • Creating Adobe PDF from Web Pages

    • Converting Web pages to PDF
    • Setting Options for converting Web pages
    • Creating a PDF file from a Web page
    • Updating converted Web pages
    • Building an Adobe file of favorite Web pages
    • Converting Web pages in Internet Explorer
  • Customizing Adobe PDF Output Quality

    • Controlling PDF output quality
    • About the PDF settings
    • Using the default PDF settings
    • About compression and resampling
    • Using custom compression settings
    • Reducing the file size
  • Modifying PDF files

    • Opening and examining the work file
    • Moving pages with page thumbnails
    • Editing PDF pages
    • Editing Links
    • Inserting PDF files
    • Looking at bookmarks
    • Renumbering pages
    • Adding sound
    • Setting an opening view
  • More on Editing PDF Files

    • Viewing the work file
    • Looking at articles
    • Editing text
    • Copying text and images from a PDF file
    • Editing images using the TouchUp Object tool
    • Converting a PDF page to an image format file
    • Reducing file size
  • Making Documents Accessible and Flexible

    • About flexibility
    • About accessibility
    • About structure
    • Looking at accessible documents
    • Looking at the reading order
    • Making files flexible and accessible
    • Viewing the results of adding tags
    • Using Acrobatís accessibility features