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Advanced Adobe Acrobat

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In this hands-on instructor-led Adobe Acrobat 9 training course you will expand on what you learned in PB Tech's Fundamentals of Acrobat course to learn advanced features for creating, reviewing, editing, commenting on, modifying, and preflighting PDF files.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Use Acrobat in the document review cycle
  • Add signatures and security
  • Create multimedia presentations
  • Incorporate enhanced navigation
  • Create PDF forms


221 Fundamentals of Adobe Acrobat 9 or equivalent experience working with Acrobat

Course Outline

  • Using Acrobat in a Document Review Cycle

    • About the review process
    • Working with comments
    • Exporting and importing comments
    • Setting the review status and replying to comments
    • Marking up a document
    • Summarizing a document
    • Comparing two PDF documents
    • Printing documents with comments
    • Inviting users of Adobe Reader to participate in reviews
  • Adding Signatures and Security

    • Looking at your Security preferences
    • Opening the work file
    • Creating a digital ID
    • Signing the advertisement
    • Certifying a PDF file
    • Signing a certified document
    • Looking at security settings
    • Adding security to your PDF files
  • Creating Multimedia Presentations

    • Adding an interactive animation
    • Adding a show/hide field
    • Adding a movie clip and controlling it with buttons
    • Adding, aligning, and duplicating navigational buttons
    • Adding a sound file and adding two actions to one button
    • Creating page actions to control multimedia clips
    • Creating page actions to start multimedia clips
    • Opening a movie clip in a floating window
    • Creating a full screen presentation with transitions
  • Using Acrobat's Engineering and Technical Features

    • Merging documents
    • Enhanced navigation tools: Pan & Zoom
    • Working with layers
    • Using measuring tools
    • Enhanced navigation tools: Loupe
    • Preparing Engineering documents for distribution
    • Comparing documents
  • Creating PDF Forms

    • Converting paper forms to PDF forms
    • Adding text fields
    • Adding special format restrictions
    • Adding check boxes
    • Creating a multi-line text field
    • Adding radio buttons
    • Adding print and reset buttons
    • Creating a reset button
    • Exporting form data
    • Creating an electronic order form
    • Adding combo boxes
    • Duplicating fields
    • Validating text/numeric fields
    • Formatting a date field
    • Adding a submit button
  • Using Adobe Acrobat for Professional Publishing

    • Creating PDF files for print and prepress
    • Preflighting
    • Layers
    • Output preview
    • Working with transparency
    • Advanced printing controls