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Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration

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This class is for students who want to become a Linux system administrator. Before taking the class you should be able to set up a Red Hat Enterprise Linux server, and configure common network services and security at a basic level.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Understand System Performance Monitoring and Security
  • Control access to certain hosts
  • Understand the Principles of Securing Networking
  • Implement a Minimal DNS Server
  • Implement Network File Sharing Services
  • Implement Web (HTTP) Services
  • Manage Electronic Mail Services
  • Secure Data
  • Understand Account Management Methods


133 Red Hat Linux System Administration or equivalent experience with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. To assist you in determining whether you have equivalent experience, take the RH033 Pre-assessment Questionnaire. LAN/WAN fundamentals or equivalent; Internetworking with TCP/IP or equivalent.

Course Outline

  • Unit 1: System Performance and Security

    • Concepts and Practices
    • System Faults and Breaches
    • Method of Fault Analysis
    • Benefits of System Monitoring
    • Managing Processes by Account
    • Hands-on lab: System Monitoring
  • Unit 2: System Service Access Controls

    • Service and Network Access Controls
    • System Initialization and Service Management
    • Service and Application Access Controls
    • tcp_wrappers Configuration
    • Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux)
    • Hands-on Lab: Controlling access to certain hosts
  • Unit 3: Network Resource Access Controls

    • Internet Protocol and Routing
    • IPv6: Dynamic Interface Configuration
    • IPv6: StaticInterface Configuration
    • IPv6: Routing Configuration
    • Netfilter Overview
    • Rules: General Considerations
    • Connection Tracking
    • Network Address Translation (NAT)
    • IPv6 and ip6tables
    • Hands-on Lab: Securing Networking
  • Unit 4: Organizing Networked Systems

    • Host Name Resolution
    • DNS-Specific Resolvers
    • Trace a DNS Query with dig
    • Exploring DNS with host
    • Service Profile: DNS
    • Getting Started with BIND
    • bind-chroot Package
    • caching-nameserver Package
    • Remote Name Daemon Control (rndc)
    • The DHCP Service
    • DHCP Overview
    • Configuring an IPv4 DHCP Server
    • Hands-on Lab: Implement a Minimal DNS Server
  • Unit 5: Network File Sharing Services

    • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
    • Network File Service (NFS)
    • Port options for the Firewall
    • Samba services
    • Configuring Samba
    • Hands-on Lab: Network File Sharing Services
  • Unit 6: Web Services

    • Apache Overview
    • Apache Server Configuration
    • Virtual Hosts
    • Apache Access Configuration
    • CGI
    • Apache Encrypted Web Server
    • Squid Web Proxy Cache
    • Hands-on Lab: Implementing Web (HTTP) Services
  • Unit 7: Electronic Mail Services

    • Essential Email Operation
    • Simple Mail Transport Protocol
    • Sendmail SMTP Restrictions
    • Sendmail Operation
    • Using alternatives to Switch MTAs
    • Postfix Configuration
    • Postfix SMTP Restrictions
    • Postfix Operation
    • Mail Retrieval Protocols
    • Hands-on Lab: Electronic Mail
  • Unit 8: Securing Data

    • The Need For Encryption
    • Symmetric Encryption
    • Asymmetric Encryption
    • Public Key Infrastructures
    • Digital Certificates
    • Hands-on Lab: Securing Data
  • Unit 9: Account Management

    • Account Management
    • Account Information (Name Service)
    • Name Service Switch (NSS)
    • Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM)
    • PAM Operation
    • Utilities and Authentication
    • Hands-on Lab: Account Management Methods