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Adobe LiveCycle Workflow Fundamentals


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This instructor-led Adobe® LiveCycle™ Workflow training course teaches how to work with the core components that ship with the product. Through hands-on exercises you will learn the basics of working with Adobe LiveCycle Workflow software to streamline, integrate, and secure human-centric business processes within and beyond the firewall. You will learn about the component-based architecture of Adobe LiveCycle Workflow and how it lets you visually assemble end-to-end workflows that unify people, systems, documents, business rules, and Web services. You will learn about how it leverages industry-standard technologies such as PDF, J2EE, XML, and Web services to integrate into virtually any IT infrastructure.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Understand how workflow solutions work
  • Design processes with Workflow Designer
  • Design workflows with core components
  • Manage workflows
  • Install and configure LiveCycle Workflow


It will be helpful if students have some or all of the following background knowledge:

  • A basic understanding of XML data, structure, and components
  • A familiarity with Java and SQL Statements
  • A basic understanding of web services and of service-oriented architecture
  • A basic understanding of Active Directory domains and organizational units
  • A basic understanding of JBoss application server

Course Outline

  • Examining workflow solutions

    • Managing business processes
    • Introduction to the components of the Adobe Solution
    • Initiating workflows
    • Participating in workflows
    • Setting user preferences
    • Adobe document protection
  • Designing processes with Workflow Designer

    • Developing in Workflow Designer
    • Component palette
    • Process palette
    • Deploying a workflow
    • Managing workflow definitions
    • Examining the flow of process data
    • Process variables, user-defined variables, enabling business activity monitoring
  • Designing workflows with core components

    • Examining QPACs, anatomy and life cycle
    • Configuring components and actions
    • Working with Tools, Core and Standards-based components
  • Managing workflows

    • Introducing workflow management
    • Why workflows fail
    • Managing forms, processes, users and actions
  • Installing and configuring Adobe® LiveCycle™ workflow

    • Architecture
    • Implementation
    • Installation
    • Preparing for deployment