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Flex 3 & LiveCycle Data Services: Integrating with Data & Messaging

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This two-day Flex 3 training course, Flex 3 and LiveCycle Data Services: Integrating with Data & Messaging provides experienced application developers with hands-on, practical experience connecting a Flex font end to remote, dynamic data using Web services and LiveCycle Data Services.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Use Java classes with the remoting service
  • Provide XML to controls with E4X
  • Upload files to a server
  • Manage data on a client
  • Use the Data Management Service in a Flex application


297 - Flex 3: Developing Rich Client Applications or equivalent experience working with Flex 3

Course Outline

  • Accessing Web Services

    • Using web services
    • Invoking web service methods and using the results
    • Handling results using an event handler
    • Handling faults
    • Calling multiple methods from the same WebService object
      • Using <mx:operation> compiler tags
    • Passing Parameters to Web Services
    • Importing Web Services in Flex Builder
  • Introduction to LiveCycle Data Services ES

    • Installing LiveCycle Data Services
    • Creating a Flex application for use with LiveCycle Data Services
      • Creating a Flex Project
    • Understanding the Server Compilation Process
    • LiveCycle Data Services Features
    • The Proxy Service
    • The Proxy Service Default Destination
    • Named Proxy Service Destinations
    • Using BlazeDS
  • Using Java Classes with the Remoting Service

    • Understanding the Remoting Service
      • Calling a Remote Object Service method
    • Handling RPC Events
      • Handling Remote Object Events
    • Complex Remote Method Calls
    • Exchanging Data between ActionScript and Java
      • Sending a Value Object with a Remote Method Call
    • Handling Server-Side Exceptions
    • Remoting Service Runtime Configuration
      • Configuring a Channel at Runtime
  • Managing Data on the Client

    • Understanding collection classes
    • Filtering data on the client
    • Sorting data on the client
    • Using the IViewCursor interface
      • Locating Data with a Cursor
  • Lab: Creating a Flex project for use with LiveCycle Data Services

    • Creating a Flex project for use with LiveCycle Data Services
    • Retrieving custom objects with RemoteObject
    • Retrieving photo data with RemoteObject
    • Filtering photos on categories using client-side filtering
    • Complete a photo order with a RemoteObject service
  • Using the Message Service

    • Introducing the Message Service
      • Reviewing Message Destination Configuration
    • Sending Messages
    • Receiving and Processing Messages
    • Sending and Receiving Complex Data
  • Using the Data Management Service

    • What is the Flex Data Management Service?
      • Exploring a Data Management Services Destination
    • Data Management Service Architecture
      • Filling an ArrayCollection
    • Changing Data
      • Editing Data
    • Managing Pending Changes
    • Using Data Management Service Events
      • Using AsyncToken
    • Advanced Data Management Service Features
  • Providing XML to Controls with E4X

    • Understanding XML structure
    • Working with XML data in ActionScript 3
    • Using E4X Expressions
    • Using the Tree control
      • Retrieving XML data and populating a Tree
    • Using Tree Control Events and Properties
      • Displaying the selected item in a form
    • Using E4X Expressions for Search
      • Adding items to the shopping cart
    • Removing Items from XML
      • Removing items from and clearing the cart
  • Uploading Files to a Server

    • Implementing file transfer basics
      • Browsing for a file
    • Uploading a file
  • Lab: Upload a file and add it to the Gallery

    • Upload a file and add it to the Gallery
    • Send real-time messages between applications
  • Appendix A: Student Setup Guide