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Introduction to Flex 3: Developing Rich Client Applications

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This Flex training course provides experienced application developers with hands-on, practical experience using Flex 3. During the three day instructor-led training course developers will learn about all the primary features of Flex so that they can build a fully functional, well architected front end for a Rich Internet Application (RIA).

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Understand Rich Internet Applications
  • Create a Flex Application
  • Work with MXML
  • Understand how to work with Flex Builder
  • Use Simple Controls
  • Handle Events and Data Structure
  • Create Application Navigation


To gain the most from this class, you should:

Be familiar with an object oriented programming language such as Java or C++
Be familiar with XML terminology

Course Outline

  • Understanding Rich Internet Applications

    • Understnading the Evolution of Computer Applications
    • Breaking Away from Page-Based Architecture
    • Identifying the Advantages of Rich Internet Applications
    • RIA Technologies
  • Getting Started

    • Getting Started with Flex Applications Development
    • Creating a Project and an MXML Application
    • Understanding the Flex Builder 2 Workbench
    • Running your Application
    • Creating a Second Application Page and Working in Design Mode
    • Getting Ready for the Next Lesson
  • Laying Out the Interface

    • Learning about Containers
    • Laying Out the E-Commerce Application using Design Mode
    • Getting Ready for the Next Lesson
  • Using Simple Controls

    • Introducing Simple Controls
    • Displaying Images
    • Building a Detail View
    • Using Data Binding to Link a Data Structure to a Simple Control
    • Using a Form Layout Container to Lay Out Simple Controls
    • Adding Radio Buttons and Date Fields to the Dashboard
  • Handling Events and Data Structure

    • Understanding Event Handling
    • Building a Data Structure on the creationComplete Event
    • Using Data from the Event Object
    • Building a Custom ActionScript Class
    • Building a Method to Create and Object
    • Building Shopping Cart Classes
  • Using Remote XML Data with Controls

    • Retriving XML Data with HTTPService
    • Retrieving XML Data via HTTPService
    • Populating an ArrayCollection with HTTPService Data
    • Populating a ComboBox Control and Programmatically Adding an Option
    • Using XML Data with a Tree Control
    • Retriving XML Data and Transforming It into an ArrayCollection of Custom Objects
    • Using Binding with Complex Data Structures
    • Manipulating Shopping Cart Data
    • Adding Remove Button
  • Creating Components with MXML

    • Introducing MXML Components
    • Creating an Update/Delete Product Component and Instantiating It
    • Popping Up Product Information When Clicking the Update and Delete Buttons
    • Creating Another Value Object
    • Creating a Data Manager Component
    • Implementing Add Product Functionality
    • Creating and Using a Component for the Dashboard Application
  • Using Controls and Repeaters with Datasets

    • Using Datasets
    • Displaying the Categories Using a HorozontalList and an itemRenderer
    • Displaying Grocery Products Based on Category Selection
    • Coding States to Display Detailed Product Information
    • Placing Products in the Shopping Cart