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Intermediate Flex 3: Customizing & Extending

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In this hands-on instructor-led Flex 3 training course, students will learn how to create custom components with ActionScript 3.0 and map ActionScript Objects to Server Objects. They will learn to work with Web Services and explore the Flex Charting components.

Course Overview

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Use the built-in Flex components as a basis for their own custom component development
  • Incorporate interactive, position- and size-aware elements into their applications.
  • Work with Web Services
  • Create, populate and animate charts
  • Debug Flex applications


To gain the most from this class, you should have attended:

297 - Flex 3: Developing Rich Client Applications

Course Outline

  • Using Custom Events

    • Understanding the Benefits of Loosely Coupled Architecture
    • Dispatching Events
    • Declaring Events for a Component
    • Identifying the Need for Custom Event Classes
    • Building and Using the CategoryEvent
    • Creating and Using the ProductEvent Class
    • Understanding Event Flow and Event Bubbling
  • Creating Custom Components with ActionScript 3.0

    • Introducing Building a Component with ActionScript 3.0
    • Creating the Structure of the Class
    • Overriding the createChildren() method
    • Sizing and Positioning in Flex
    • Understanding the measure() Method
    • Overriding the updateDisplayList() Method
  • Using DataGrids and Item Renderers

    • Introducing DataGrids and Item Renderers
    • Adding and Generic DataGrid to ChartPod
    • Adding HTTPService calls to Dashboard
    • Displaying the Shopping Cart with a DataGrid
    • Using AdvancedDataGrid
  • Working with Web Services

    • Introducing Server Communication
    • Using the Event Model Remote Server Calls
    • Configuring an Application to Work Locally
    • Using a Web Service in the DataEntry Application
    • Using the Web Service Introspection Wizard
    • Using the Generated Code in Your Application
    • Refactoring with Flex Builder
    • Completing the Integration of the Generated Code
    • Updating and Deleting Products
  • Accessing Server-Side Objects

    • Uploading Files to the Server
    • Using RemoteObject to save an Order
    • Mapping ActionScript Objects to Server Objects
    • The Flex Builder Data Wizard
  • Visualizing Data

    • Exploring Flex Charting Components
    • Laying Out Initial Charts
    • Populating Charts
    • Adding Legends to Charts
    • Limiting the Labels Shown on an Axis
    • Adding Chart Events
    • Adding Animations to Charts
    • Customizing Chart Appearance with Styles
  • Debugging Flex Application

    • Introducing Debugging Techniques
    • Watching Client/Server Data Exchange
    • Learning More about the Debugger
    • Handling Errors with try-catch
  • Profiling Flex Applications

    • Flash Player Memory Use
    • Memory Profiling a Flex Application
    • Performance Profiling a Flex Application